Crafting Update.

No posts for ages then… two come along at once!!!

Even though it is the summer holidays and I am mostly busy with other things (namely entertaining small boys) there is a little crafty business going on in the background. Yesterday we visited the shops in Carlisle to begin the big school uniform shop. It is extra big this year as it is the first year we have had to buy it for Little J too so there is double to get this time!!

Once the chores were done I decided to get Grandma P to show me the craft shop she had found and didn’t I treat myself while we were there. The shop is called Fun To Do and has a wide range of craft materials including card makind supplies, fabrics, haberdashery and yarns. I figured I deserved a treat after spending most of the morning in a changing room with two small boys. Here’s my haul…

Three fat quaters, a button making tool and some button blanks. There is another fat quater but that is a surprise so I can’t show you it right now. I quite like the turquoise/teal and chocolate colour combination right now. There were SSSSOOOOOO many fat quaters to choose from it was very difficult but I managed to restrain myself quite well I think.

So this afternoon I HAD to have a little play and look…

…. my very first buttons 😀 (queue little happy dance!!)

No idea what I will use them for but I just had to have a go. Soooo pleased though!!

In other crafting news… I will be joining in with the Made It Challenge over on the Woolhogs blog again this month. My make is very nearly done, just a few finishing touches to add once I get home then I can blog about it and add it to the challenge. (Another happy dance!!) Hop over there, take a look and join in if you are feeling crafty.

More crafting news… I have also pledge to take part in Rachells CAL which will be beginning in September. Like Rachell I have had the Jan Eaton book for a while and not used it. I have also thought in the past that it is the perfect book for making a sampler type crochet blanket – one made of lots of different granny square patterns. The CAL is the perfect opportunity to do that. If you are interested have a look here for all the info. Can’t wait to find out which colour theme we will be going with as I am excited to get my yarn sorted out (queue little excited dance!!).

Tune in later for news of all of the above.

20 thoughts on “Crafting Update.

    • More of a lack of funds really 😉 But you are my button inspiration and I totally understand how you end up with sore fingers. Don’t think I could make 100!!!

  1. Ooh I love the buttons! I’m eager to have a go at making some but, like you, I have no idea what I’d use them for! I’m also joining in with the CAL 😀 well, hopefully, I’m half way through making a throw and any squares I make will contribute towards that so I need the colour scheme to accommodate red and white!

    • The colour scheme is all about interpretation. Three out of the five choices fit red in easily and I’m sure you could get a little bit into the other two. Fingers crossed hey? Ooooo can’t wait!!!

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