A crab, a rainbow octopus and a lifeboat.

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all still there despite my sporadic blog posts at present!? Our summer holidays are continuing nicely. The boys and I are now visiting Grandma and Grandad Patch for the week. We have had some more lovely days out, yummy food and quality time with family. Still not much crafting happening, but hey, sometimes other things are more important.

The regulation beach visit was first on our to do list at Grandma’s this time. And how much fun did we have. It was quite a warm day although it may not look so on the pictures. Have a look…

A bit of a rock pool treasure hunt.

Look who we found.

Isn’t he great?

There was also a lot of excavation and construction, of course.

And naturally some paddling. (Yes Readers, that is a rare picture of me!)

Although some preferred to take the paddling a whole lot further!!!

Little did we know when we set off, but there was also a sandcastle competition at the beach that day, some nice entries but it was too busy to take photos of them. There were stalls and the lifeboat was out to look at too.

The boys had a sit in the lifeboat once they had got dry again.

And I loved these kites. The octopus was HUGE. Kites are another of my favourite things. These were more like balloons, they just filled with air. The only thing that was missing from our trip to the beach was the obligatory ice cream because it was getting a bit close to lunch time. I’m sure we can go back later in the week to put that right. Especially as it is THE BEST ice cream.


7 thoughts on “A crab, a rainbow octopus and a lifeboat.

  1. Which beach is this? I have a picture of an almost identical crab that my son found a few weeks ago at Bexhill beach, but ours was dead – it’s still on the windowsill out in the garden and it stinks!!!

    • The beach is called St Bees. Its on the Cumbrian coast, NW England. Nowhere near Bexhill but I guess one crab looks very much like another!

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