A walk with the boys.

Hello all you lovely blog readers. Hope you are all well and life is treating you good. Apologies for not being here very much but the routine has changed due to school sumer holidays and I’m lucky if I get a minute to myself right now. I have so many blog posts in my head and my camera.

This is a bit of a look around where I live for those that are interested. Because of my lack of driving ability we often take ourselves out for walks and this is one of the boys favourites because it has a little playground at the end of it.

Down the cobbled path at the side of the school.

Up through the fields. (Do I need sound effects? Is this turning into “We’re going on a Bear Hunt”??).

This is the view of our village looking back down the path behind us.

And this is the view from the top looking forwards… this is Victoria Tower, a local, historical landmark.

Along this little, narrow path which goes past this most immaculate garden…

Isn’t it perfect?? They also have chickens out of shot to the left of the greenhouse. I so wish I had a veggie patch that even vaguely resembled this. I half expect Peter Rabbit to come hopping out from those potatoes.

Through a gap in the wall.

Through another gap… lots of those around here. They are quite narrow too. Better not eat too many pies… might get stuck!!! Just round the corner from this gap is the playground. We didn’t take any pictures of that… too busy playing. The climbing frame was a spaceship for a while, then we swung, then we had to play “off ground tig” before being persuaded to go home again. Through the gaps and past the beautiful garden.

Back through the fields (swishy swashy……!!!). Don’t be fooled by the greyness of the day, it was quite warm and humid.

Big J’s eagle eyes spotted this little guy on the way back through the fields. Can you see him perfectly camouflaged in the middle there?

Through the gate and down the lane…

Up the steps…

And back up the cobbled path.

Having re-read this it’s also reminding me of Monty Python… the waiter… “follow me, follow me” (in a dodgy french accent)…. Anyone???….Just me then?

Hope you enjoyed our little tour?? Take care and speak soon.


14 thoughts on “A walk with the boys.

  1. Wow, that made me homesick for the England that has lanes and cobbles and dry stone walls and is a real village. Made me think of Saddleworth! I loved your walk – and also wondered why Little J was always behind Big J?
    And I hadn’t been thinking of the waiter – but now, of course, the soundtrack has invaded my mind…

    • Oops, sorry for making you homesick but glad I’m not the only Monty Python weirdo around!! Saddleworth is not so far away. I like that it is a real village, it’s very real and old. London often seemed artificial, fake and unreal. I hadn’t realised Little J was behind Big J all the time but that fits. He is his own, strong minded little person but he worships his big brother and is quite happy to follow him anywhere. Now , in another dodgy French accent… “Would you like a wafer thin mint? It is only wafer thin?”

      • oh glory, now I’ve got that other bloomin’ song in my head – Always look on the bright side of life…tum ti tum, tum ti tum ti tum … in a cockney accent, I think?

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