More Cake???

Hello lovely blog peeps. It was raining but the sun is out now. Hope its shining on you too?

Following on from the amazing success of Mr P’s birthday cake, I thought I would do a variation on a theme and make some Black Forest cupcakes as “Thank you teacher” presents. I don’t believe in spending a lot on teacher presents but a little something that the kids have had a hand in making is a nice thought.

So Little J and I got stuck in this morning. He’s very good at cracking the eggs and working the electric whisk. The batter was all finished and in the tin, Little J enjoyed the “lickers”. I put the tin in the oven, set the timer and tidied up. The timer went off and I turned the tin round – necessary with The Beast to ensure even cooking. I grabbed my coffee and went to chill on the sofa.

I’m feeling a bit spaced out today as we had  rough night with Little J. He was up at 3.45 and got in my bed for a cuddle. He couldn’t settle and went back to his bed 45 minutes later. A while later he came back to ask if his TV programs were on yet… they weren’t… still too early… so he got in for another cuddle and finally fell asleep again.

So I enjoy my coffee, check my emails, read a few blogs, check Facebook. And then I get a whiff of something. A whiff of something…. toasted. A whiff of something overcooked…

How burnt are they??? Oh…… the smell…….the smoke!!!!!

Thats the problem with The Beast… you can’t smell anything cooking… until its too late.  Anyone in the street could have smelled it. It’s vented outside to the street.

I thought this might amuse you all after the awesome cakeness of the other day. It amused me. Hey ho! Start again. These beautiful little carbon bricks are now in the bin and batch number two are cooling on the side. The plus side?…. two lots of lickers.

And this is the second time I have written this post. I got to this point before and lost it all!! Perhaps I should give up and go back to bed!!?

If you would like to make some Black Forest cupcakes (cherries are in season here and gorgeous right now) you can find the recipe here. Enjoy your Thursday, people.


16 thoughts on “More Cake???

    • Second batch are all done and pretty now. Hope they stay pretty till their intended owners receive them :s Think Little J will be so worn out we won’t hear a peep out of him.

  1. Sorry you had a bad day. I burn things too especially saucepans which is worse :-(. I wonder if I should make some of the cherry cupcakes in two weeks when my son comes? I do like cherries and chocolate.

    • I’ve been quite bemused by it all. I haven’t tasted one of the second batch yet so can’t say how good they are. Looking good though!

    • Hmmmm, don’t think they will travel well. In fact not sure how well they will get across the road to the boys schools, never mind to you!! You’ll just have to make some.

  2. My mum put some mittens to dry in our rayburn when we were kids. When she remembered them about a week later they were little charcoal mini mittens. They looked great!

    • 😀 I do put things to dry on the top sometimes and Big J likes his clothes warmed up in the morning in the winter. Haven’t cooked any clothes yet! Small thing winging it’s way in the post to you VERY soon 😉

  3. Oh no! When I first saw the pic I thought they were going to be dark chocolate muffins. If by “beast” you mean Aga or a range cooker, you have my sympathy. I could never master one of those. My Gran had one and she could cook amazing things on it 🙂

    • Yes, The Beast is our Aga. Mostly we get on OK but he has been known to bite and I have the scars to prove it! Cakes usually turn out fine… So long as I remember to set the timer!!

  4. Have you ever baked something ever-so-delicious, put it back into the oven to hide it… forget it’s hidden there… turn the oven on for the next meal and end up with a burned, smelly, singed mess that you were really looking forward to gobbling up later!?
    I’ve stopped hiding treats in the oven.

    • Nope, never done that! Because The Beast is always hot its no good for a hiding place 😉 But yesterday I was making muffins with Little J, there was total chaos going on around me as is common, and we forgot to put in the sunflower oil. Hey presto fat free muffins. They are edible too!!

      • I made a delicious polenta, orange and blueberry loaf yesterday. Very nice indeed. Forgot to put baking powder in so mixed it in at the end! Seemed to work well. No lumpy bits of it and the loaf rose as it should have.

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