All for one…

Hello Readers, hope you had a restful weekend and are full of energy for the week ahead. To be honest I need another weekend to get over my weekend… it was mad!

You may remember I said I would take part in the Woolhogs monthly Made It Challenge, I blogged about it here.

You may also remember this post about Big J’s impending French Day at school.

Well here it is. I have finished. I have “made it”!!! Today, Big J is going to be…..

a Brigadier Musketeer (he’s still getting mixed up over that lol!). He wouldn’t let me paint on a moustache or beard because he is D’artagnan and he doesn’t have one!!!

Inspiration came from this film. And here is a closer look at the costumes.

You can see that underneath Big J is wearing his jeans and Mr P’s white shirt pulled in with my old belt (which is too big for me now – yay!). So far sooooooo easy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got a blue sheet from a charity shop for £3, chopped it roughly to size following one of his t-shirts as a guide. Cut some templates for the emblem from paper and then from a white sheet I had previously cut up for something else. Next I appliquéd the shapes onto the front of the tabard shape and sewed the shoulders together. When Big J came home we had a try on and it was too big so I trimmed it down and hemmed it all the way round. The beauty of a dressing up tabard shape is that it could be made into almost any costume. Use white or pale green with a red or green cross and you have got a doctor, nurse or even a vet. Just add whatever accessories or badges that you need, you get the idea.

The finishing touches are the hat and boots. The hat is made from my straw hat covered with more of the blue sheet, one side tacked up and a couple of feathers added to the other side. The boots are made from an old pair of Mr P’s jeans. I made a paper template for the boots from an Anakin Skywalker dressing up outfit that Big J was given a few years ago then cut the pieces from the jeans, stitched them leaving them open at the back where I attached some velcro. Little J has already decided that they will make great boots for Puss in Boots.

What have I learned???? That no one tells you when you are pregnant that you will have to be a costume designer…. That it’s NOT a good idea to try to sew stick on velcro. The glue gets all over the sewing machine needle, the thread shreds and it takes over an hour to sew on four strips, wastes loads of thread and you end up with needle injuries in your fingers and get in a right grump with yourself!!!

I think Big J looks great and he was really happy with it. You have to balance your ability to get a costume together with what your child is willing to wear – this is crucial, otherwise you will have wasted your time and you will have a very unhappy child. I didn’t see any other musketeers on the way to school either which is always a bonus.

Ok, I’m off to add my post to the Made It Challenge. Hope you all have a fantastic week.


21 thoughts on “All for one…

  1. Great costume!

    I once sacrificed a pair of my old boots to make a Puss in Boots costume for my son – I cut the soles off, shortened the feet and sewed on stirrups.

    I am so with you on the stick on velcro – I tried to sew some and will never ever try that again! x

  2. Brilliant costume!

    I handsewed some stick on velcro for a quick change adaptation for a costume last week. Dare I say after one bent needle and a long time doing what would otherwise be a quick job, I decided that only one half would be sewn!

      • I know what you mean. I used a worksurface to push the needle through after my first few stitches. It really looks as though I can’t sew a straight line in running stitch. Just as well I’m a Chemistry teacher, not a textiles teacher!

    • One finger still has a hole in it and everything I touch in the kitchen is getting in it!! Haven’t done any sewing for a couple of days but the machine had sorted its self out before I finished on Sunday.

    • Thank you. I’m sure it was just the nasty glue getting all over the needle after about eight stitches. I gave it a good clean with a baby wipe when I was done and it seems fine now.

    • The boots came out well considering they were the most cobbled together part of it and the most rubbishly sewed because of the horrid Velcro. They have got a bit mucky so I am going to give them a quick zigzag round the edge so they can go in the washing machine and be worn again… Because Little J will have to do it all when he gets to that bit of school no doubt, nevermind all the pretending in between.

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