Hello Readers, how are you today??? It is Mr P’s birthday today


so we had to have cake. Big J and I made the sponge yesterday and then I filled it today and have a look at this beauty…. Pretty impressive huh? Sadly it didn’t taste quite as good as it looked. the sponge was a little over cooked and dry. Thats the tricky thing about baking with The Beast. Because there is no temperature control the edges tend to get a but well done by the time the middle is cooked. I put my skewer in to test it and it came out sticky so I gave it five more minutes and thats what did it I reckon… those five minutes. Must remember that next time!!! I also think two layers would probably be enough but hey…

I have also learned that cherry pie filling is rubbish, fresh cherries are much better, or if they are not available then frozen ones are very good. Our local off licence didn’t have any kirsch but cherry brandy was a good substitute and worth buying because it added lots of flavour.

We had cake at lunchtime because the restaurant Mr P wants to go to isn’t open then so we are going this evening instead. Although not sure I have much room after all that cake and SW will definitely not like it!!

Well better tidy myself up. Enjoy whats left of your Sunday.

P.S. mr P says “Does anyone know of a recipe for cinnamon sponge?”. Thats what he would really like for his birthday cake. His Mum used to make one but the recipe has got lost in the mists of time. He thinks it had syrup or treacle in it. My attempts to recreate it have so far been unsuccessful.


16 thoughts on “CAKE!!!

  1. OOh! Can I come to tea? Looks gorgeous even if you were a little disappointed. I presume it’s a sort of Black Forest Gateaux. I’ve used black cherry jam with halved fresh cherries for the inside and it seemed to work quite well.

    • It is a Black Forest Gateau type thing. There was some cherry jam in there. I had two recipes which I mixed and matched the best bits from. It’s not looking so pretty now as it half eaten!

    • Yep, there is something I can’t do and I’m very ashamed. I can’t drive!! I have never passed my test. Shocking that I have got to my age without it!! Kind of need it living here too so might have to attempt to put it right soon. Not looking forward to that. The older I get the more reluctant I am to do it. More aware of the dangers probably.

  2. Wow, what a cake! It looks truly amazing 🙂 I’m always a bit slapdash and hasty when it comes to making cakes (I’m always in too much of a rush to start eating) so they always look a bit wonky or not quite right. This is fantastic!

  3. Don’t be ashamed I can’t drive either!!!! The cake is splendid and I am sure it tasted delicious too. You are a clever lady : ) Hope your meal was lovely, stuff SW for one day it won’t hurt xx

  4. Living in London for so long you wouldn’t have needed to drive and probably hastle finding parking etc.
    You should rry it now though, it’s such a great freedom to pop about in a little car – poop poop!!! (Toad – The Wind in the Willows!) I have a friend who can’t drive and neither can her partner. There are still plenty about who choose not to.

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