A bit of garden appreciation.



Hello Everyone. Well the sun is out here for the second day in a row!!! Better make the most of it… especially looking at the forecast! So, because Little J has gone to big school this morning, I had a bit of extra time to indulge in some garden appreciation. I can’t really take the credit for any of it. Someone before us planted it and mostly nature does its work. But I can appreciate it. Absolutely every plant I took a photo of had bees on it and the pink fuzzy bush (technical terms here!) was positively humming with them. The foxgloves have had an exceptional year here too. They have been so beautiful.

I’m going to put the photos in a slideshow for you but before I do, I need your help. Does anyone know the name of this shrub with the white flowers??

My Mum called it snowball tree but I think thats just a nickname. It is looking gorgeous now but is getting too big and needs to be pruned so I need to identify it so I can find out how/when to prune it.

Ok here are the photos… feast your eyes on this…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope your Thursday is sunny too.

Updated to add :- My friend suggested that it might be a mock orange if it has a nice scent. I checked it out in between the showers and can confirm it does have a lovely scent so I think we have solved that one, thank you everyone.


6 thoughts on “A bit of garden appreciation.

  1. Lovely pictures. The clematis is stunning!! Not sure on the white shrub although it looks very blossomy to me could it be a fruit bearing plant? It’s been really lovely here today too…so nice to have some sun!! xx

    • No, doesn’t have any fruit. The picture is a bit misleading as it appears to be a bit trailing. It’s not. It’s very upright. That branch is just so weighed down with blossom. The clematis is beautiful but the picture doesn’t really do the colour justice. It is a much more rich purple than it appears in the picture.

  2. I have remembered the name of your white flowering bush its a viburnum. If you google snowball tree you will find loads of pictures of various types of them.

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