I’ve bunted!

Hey Everyone, how are you all?? Good? Hope so.

Do you remember these??

You can read about these in this post from waaaaayyyy back at the beginning of June! Well I seem to have got my crochet mojo back finally and have got on with it. Part of the reason it got put down was that my head was in another place with hospital stuff but another part of why it got put down was that I sort of went off them. I decided that it wasn’t really me and I couldn’t see the point in finishing it because I didn’t know what I would do with it when it was finished. Does that ever happen to you?? Do you go off things halfway through the project???

Well I picked up the blanket crochet to keep me entertained whilst in hospital waiting rooms and that started me off with the crochet again. Very therapeutic and meditative, makes you concentrate just a little bit so you don’t worry and stress. Just what you need in a waiting room. (Its also very excellent at the dojo while the boys are doing karate but thats another story).

I got to thinking about these granny triangles, wondered if I could turn them into something else but nothing sprung satisfactorily to mind. Mulled it over some more and contemplated frogging them. But I hate to see all the effort and hard work go to waste. Eventually decide I would complete them… in a kind of “I’ve started so I’ll finish” styli… and if I hated them I would take my photos, write my post and frog them afterwards and make something else.

So… here they are… all finished…

Colour is a bit wrong on this picture, better on the one above. They actually started off as being Penny’s bunting pattern but I decided, after completing the first one, that I wanted them larger and repeated the last two rounds.

Little J likes them here above the back door. (It was originally the front door which accounts for the grand architrave around it, but it faces the garden not the road, so in my mind it is the back door – they build houses back to front in Yorkshire… I think it was to make the most of the view). He says he wants me to keep it there forever. Sadly that is not going to happen as that doorway is going to have a curtain put across to cut down on the howling gale that blows through in the winter. Don’t know if I’m going to frog it or not still. I’ll leave it for a while and see how I feel.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. I am making costumes this afternoon and then combining crochet and karate after school and then off to Slimming World – Wednesday is always a bit mad! Hope that your Wednesday is calm and serene.


21 thoughts on “I’ve bunted!

  1. Nice green and blue combo on the one of the top of the pile. I know exactly what you mean about not knowing what to do with the bunting, my little bit hangs from the white board in the little room I wouldn’t put it downstairs as it just wouldn’t work.

    You look like you’re doing v well on SW!!!!! I’m a stalker. I wonder if anyone else did what I did?!

  2. Newbie follower of your blog here! So So jealous of your crotchet skills! I would love to have the information retention to remember how to crotchet so I could make these beauties! Looks lush! x

    • Thank you for following 😀 I’m a relative beginner. Started last November. I need the instructions close by until I have done a few squares/triangles then I can remember it. There are some good tutorials around the web too.

  3. You can’t frog them now! Not when you’ve finished them. And even if you don’t have a place for them, you must know someone who would love them. (or rather, ‘it’). Nice colours and beautifully done.

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