Here is the news…

Hello Everyone, how is your Thursday going? Supposed to be sports day here but weather is looking threatening!

In blogging news… you might have noticed something new in the side bar. I am going to take part in the Woolhogs Monthly Made It Challenge. Its sounds like lots of fun and you have a chance to win goodies and we all need an incentive to get making sometimes. So get over there and have a look and join in… the more the merrier 😀

In Charity Shop Booty news… walked down into town with Little J this morning and spent a glorious total of £6!! Here’s what I brought home..

Exactly what I was looking for. Love it when that happens. I have plans for these and who knows, they might pop up in the Made It Challenge.

I ironing news… I got some of this with my shopping in an attempt to tame the wayward calico…

It did help a little but I still have stubborn creases, lookThe weird thing I noticed while doing it is that when I sprayed it with water the creases actually pinged back into being!!! It would look fairly flat, I would spray and they would reappear!! Too bizarre. This war will continue.

In health news… off to hospital tomorrow morning for my results so lots of positive thoughts then please 😉

Ok, here ends the news. Sure there was something else but I have forgotten what it was. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.


14 thoughts on “Here is the news…

      • Thinking of you already as it is Friday night here. Why don’t you ring the calico factory and ask them how to get creases out? They might have a lovely steaming machine and offer to do it for you. Or take it to a dry cleaners to use their big ironing machine or to a hotel to use their industrial iron?

  1. Made it monthly challenge sounds like fun bit busy with photoaday a the mo!! I thought about you today knowing you had an appointment tomorrow. I hope all goes well and that the results are good…sending you my best positive vibes!!! xxx

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