Fancy Dress Challenge.

Evening Blog-peeps, hope you are well. I’m here again because I need your help.  I need you to get your grey matter going with some good ideas for fancy dress. Big J is having a French Day in school on Monday 16th July and has been asked to dress up as “French people or French cartoon characters”. Hmmmmm tough call.

That’s Big J in Paris a couple of years ago, if you peer through the trees you can see the Eiffel Tower.

Thoughts I have had so far have been :-

stereotypical French person -beret, striped shirt, string of onions…

Famous French people – Napoleon, Monet, etc.

Cartoon characters- Asterix, Obelix, Getafix, Pepe Le Pew, Tin Tin (although strictly speaking I think he was actually Belgian)

And after that I am stuck! I know Big J would like to be Tin Tin, he just watched the movie. And Tin Tin would be quite easy to do….. But he’s Belgian. He doesn’t really know Asterix and his mates but I guess we could get a library book. Don’t really want to go down the stereotypical route but if we can’t come up with something else then…. Think Napoleon would be tricky and Monet might end up being a stereotypical French person with a palette and paint brush!! Pepe Le Pew could be a lot of fun but not sure he would want to be a stinky skunk!!

Anybody got any good ideas for me?? Promise to post photos of the finished outfit for you when we do it.

I’m off to puzzle over it some more.


16 thoughts on “Fancy Dress Challenge.

    • Not sure about pierrot. Would have to make a full costume from scratch and I don’t think J would go for it. Could look excellent though.

      And I will join your Made It challenge 😉

  1. What about a Pierrot?
    King Louis XVI who was executed in the French revolution
    Louis Bleriot was a French airman who bacame the first person to fly the English Channel. On 25 July 1909 he flew from Calais to Dover in 37 minutes
    Louis Pasteur was the first person to understand the connection between microbes and disease. He developed the process of pasteurization.
    Ferdinand de Lesseps built the Suez Canal
    Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier invented the hot air balloon.
    Gustave Eiffel designed the famous Eiffel Tower for the World Fair in 1889 which marked the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.
    Marie & Peter Curie’s work played an imortant part in the research leading to the treatment of cancer
    To name but a few 😀 Have fun 😉

    • Mmmm a lot of the inventors/scientists etc just look like old Victorian men so would be hard to tell who he was, unless he was carrying something that could be a clue. Am thinking musketeers at the moment. He saw that movie too recently (keeps calling them Brigadiers by mistake!).

    • Thats a different idea, haven’t really got the gear for that though. The letter mentioned French football/rugby kits… don’t think many will have those. There is one mum who is French though. We considered going and raiding her wardrobe!!!!

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