Olympic Excitement.

Hello Readers, hope you have had a good weekend.

Here it has been ordinary with a touch of excitement. The title makes it sound like excitement of olympic proportions… but thats not quite what I meant!!!

Today the Olympic torch made its way through Huddersfield and we sped off in the car to find a place to watch it go by. It was far busier than I had expected and there was a real sense of excitement in the air.

See, busy huh?

We only had to wait about 20 minutes till we saw the torch. Little J was quite excited by the police cars and motorbikes that came by first (but terrified of the people dressed up as a Huddersfield Giant and Peppa Pig!). Then came the sponsors buses and finally we saw this…

Then we went to a nearby park which had some activities organised for after the torch relay.

Both Big J and Little J had a go at archery and we had a bit of a wander and listened to the band and played on the climbing frame. Then we came home to get ready for the impending arrival of Grandma and Grandad Patch.

Now we have excitement of a different sporting kind while Mr P watches the football (I have snook off to write this post for you – it saves me from deafness!!).

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the hospital – some day surgery, so send me all your best positive thoughts tomorrow afternoon.

Enjoy your evening.


18 thoughts on “Olympic Excitement.

  1. Ooh, that is exciting – I watched various bits of the torch relay on the news and it seems like a nice event for everyone. I’d love to try archery too! Good luck tomorrow, hope it all goes well. X

  2. Oh how wonderful! My son’s school is allowing them to leave early on the last day of the summer term so that we can watch it going through Sevenoaks, but I’m not sure the rest of the schools will do the same so my other 3 may not get to see it.

  3. Hi, I hope your day surgery goes well, I will be thinking about you : )

    You have frightened me now with photos of huge crowds as I am a head steward on Tuesday as the torch comes through my town!! I am also very excited about it!!! Looks like you had a really great time. J xx

    • Thanks in advance for the thoughts!
      Sorry for worrying you. It is quite a big place and it was Sunday so everyone was at home which probably made it busier. But everyone was in good spirits and very well behaved. And because it’s a photo looking down the street it looks even busier. You’ll be fine! And it’s over quite quickly.

  4. The torch came through my village before 8 am one morning last week. It was pouring with rain so I watched from my upstairs window. What a wimp! Good luck for tomorrow! Avis x

  5. For all the ‘made by…’ followers, just to let you know Patch is recovering well at home with Mr Patch, and family. I’m sure she will want to tell you all about it as soon as can.

  6. Hi, sorry I haven’t been back to ask until now, been a bit busy with the Torch relay. How did the day surgery go on Monday? I hope it went fine and that you are doing well!

    Thanks so much for asking about the torch relay today, it went amazingly well, the town was jammed and everyone was just so happy. We all loved it. I am flagging now as I got to work at 6am but it was worth it! Glass of wine in a bit I think!!!

    I hope you are okay. Take is easy if you can. Jane xx

  7. glad to hear your surgery went well!
    i don’t know what i’ve done, but “it” has stopped notifying me when you write a new post. i’ve been relying on memory/procrastination skills, but both have been lacking over the past week 😉

    • I’ve noticed that too. You can change “it” if you go to reader and edit the list of blogs you follow. There’s a column on the middle/right about it. I procrastinate over the emails… Is that procrastinating about the procrastinating? :s

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