Antipodean Sunshine.

Hello Blogreaders, how is your day going???

Its like this here…

Bit grey and cold, definitely no sunshine. So whats with the title of the post then??? No I’m not thinking of emigrating, although if our weather doesn’t improve soon I might! I got a parcel. All the way from Alice Springs 😀

A couple few years ago (feels like a couple!) a very good friend of mine emigrated to Alice Springs. Thanks to the wonders of t’ interwebs (say it with a broad yorkshire accent) we have been able to keep in touch and share photos of significant events and growing children. I’ve mentioned my blog so hopefully she has stopped by and had a look. She wanted to check my home address recently because she wanted to send me “something”. I was intrigued. Then everyday life took over and I forgot about it.

Then today a parcel arrived. Heres a quick look for you.

Oooooo I’m so lucky 😀 Just what I needed to cheer me up. A beautiful fat quarter and a card. Here’s a better look at my fat quarter.

Think I’ll be able to find some uses for that, no problem. Now that card. It’s not just a card, its special. My friend makes “inchies” and apparently they are very addictive. What are inchies??? I wondered that too. Well they are teeny one inch square works of art. They can be made from anything – paper, fabric, wood, metal. You can even make inchie   quilts. You can swap them, collect them, use them for cards and make stunning displays from them. Here’s a closer look at my very own unique inchie card.

(Photos were taken in the garden in an effort to make the most of the light but I think I failed!) Absolutely perfect for me. Beautiful purple with patterns and beads an embroidery. Think I am going to have to find a frame for it.

In my quest to find out more about inches I discovered that the lovely Carla from Feathered Fibres has a nice tutorial about how to make them (not to mention lots of other interesting ones – definitely going to have to have a go at the freeform crochet scarf one day). If you are interested then click here to find out more.

Ok, my afternoon is ticking away and I have some wonderful new fabric calling to me (first time I have had chance to sew since before half term!) so I must not resist. Hope the sun comes out for you today.


16 thoughts on “Antipodean Sunshine.

  1. i like the look of inchies, i have made something similar ACEO which stands for art cards editions and originals, i even sold a couple!! your FQ is amazing such a vibrant pattern, you lucky thing !:)

  2. It’s been raining virtually non-stop here in the UK for days, so I wouldn’t head this way if I was you!

    I read a great book a couple of years ago about “inchies” and they area superb idea – the book was full of stunning examples. I promised myself one day that i would make some, and it’s still on my To Do list, though I do make brooches which are kind of similar in concept. Hx

    • Apparently there is flooding not so far from here but we seem to have been lucky. It’s an excellent way of using tiny scraps and you could make them into brooches, key rings, luggage tags… The list is endless.

  3. Well Patch send me your address and you could be the proud owner of an e-book reader cover!!! 😉

    I’ve never heard of inchies. They sound like a great idea -really creative.

    Your friends card is just beautiful, home-made cards can look like primary school efforts but that is gorgeous.

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