Treasure Trove and a Teaser.

Hello Lovely Blog – Readers. How are you today?? More rain here and we are a bit bored. Big J is doing a fantastic job of entertaining himself (he’s banned from computers all week) with kitchen chemistry and Lego models. Little J is playing with the marble run or  Spiderman.

I’m popping by to tell you about my lovely recent acquisitions. Whilst visiting Grandma Patch, she had a look through her sewing stuff and sorted out a pile of bits she doesn’t want. So I got lots of free goodies 😀 Here’s a peek at it all.

A selection of ribbons and binding.

A selection of large poppers/snaps and tools to fit them. The evil looking tool is for attaching metal lace holes to fabrics, could do a nice line in ear piercing with it though 😉

Saving the best to last… her button box. Still in its retro seventies avocado green tupperware container. Some of this wonderful treasure trove I can remember from when I was a child. See that little elephant, I remember him. There’s also some ribbon with clowns on that I remember but you can’t see it so well in the photo. Cheers Grandma P 😀

Mr P almost got me lots of other sewing and crafty stuff from freecycle but unfortunately someone else got there first. Good to know he’s thinking of me though.

Now for your teaser. Here is a little bit of what has been happening lately…

Mmmm hmmmm. some pretty, hooky goodness. More about it soon.

Have a thrilling Thursday folks.


16 thoughts on “Treasure Trove and a Teaser.

  1. I need one of those eyelet thingies, I went to bonds in farsley fro one this morning but they’d run out. leeds is a bit crap sometimes for this stuff, I’ll have to wait til I can go to boyes

    I need to put breathing holes in the armpits of a future project – I want to make a raincoat

  2. I want one of those popper things!! Reminds me of when I was clearing at Dad’s, found all Mum’s sewing stuff and her button box – they are fantastic aren’t they?

  3. Well I think it’s got to be bunting OR a ‘Patchwork’ something ;)……I know – rubbish guessing 😉
    LOve that wee elephant and all your crafty goodies there. Nice that Mr P tried to get you some freecycle stuff, bless 🙂 My hubby is good at getting me bits and pieces too 🙂

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