Weekend Celebrations.

Hello Everyone. Hope you are well and rested after your llloooooonnnnnngggg weekend?

Did I tell you we were going to spend ours at Grandma Patch’s house?? Big Lil Bro came too as he is still injured and not allowed to drive. We have had a wonderful time. Here’s a quick pictorial summary for you…

First we had this.

Followed by this.

And later this.

Then the next day we had some crazy golf (sorry no photos) followed by…On Monday we went here…

To do some of this…

It was a much sunnier day but I didn’t take photos so these are old ones. Although it was very sunny there was a very cold breeze so our clothing was pretty similar to these pictures although lots of other people were much madder braver and had on shorts, vests etc!!!

To finish off our wonderful weekend we did a bit of this…

Accompanied by some of this…

It was so good to spend some quality time with family. Now we are home again and its is grey, cold and breezy and we are all a bit glum!! Big J is needing entertained due to being banned from all computers this week for getting into trouble at school (oh lucky me!). Fingers crossed for the weekend though as there is lots of exciting stuff planned again.

Enjoy your very short week, I’m off to make lunch. x


12 thoughts on “Weekend Celebrations.

  1. Hello, I would just like to let you know I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award, If you would like to accept please take it to your blog and pass it on, if it’s not your thing just take it as a compliment on your lovely blog.:)

  2. What a wonderful time you all had! 😀 So much more adventurous than I, sitting at home crafting and watching tv, haha 😀

  3. The boats look lovely all decorated… and is that a big jug of Pimm’s & Lemonade? I think it’s great that so many people made an effort at the weekend despite the bad weather!

    • It is Pimms and lemonade. We did very well for weather… It didn’t rain on us until Tuesday when we were about to leave. Shame Liz didn’t get better weather for her party!!

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