Hooky, Flowery Taaa Daaahhh!!!

Hello Lovely Readers, how are you on this fine Monday???

Quick post here to show you my last completed hooky creation. Remember these…

Well I finally got round to finishing and joining them all last night and look….

Pretty garland 😀

I had a pattern for the flowers and a pattern for the leaves but made the rest up. Very jolly, springy and colourful I think.

More pics…

This beam is across the stairs and downstairs hallway. Not sure yet but it might be their home. Do you like???

Right, I’m off, sewing to do and the afternoon is slipping away. Enjoy your Monday, speak soon.


19 thoughts on “Hooky, Flowery Taaa Daaahhh!!!

    • I probably spent about three evenings on it. I wasn’t hurrying really. This warm weather seems to wear me out so I don’t feel like doing much in the evening!

  1. your flowers look totally gorgeous! So bright and happy and perfectly strung along a beam. At my no-longer-LYS they have flowers like this strung up outside the front door and they make me smile when I see them :O)

    • I wondered about over the door. Right outside would not be good because they would get ruined by the (normally) yucky British weather, but maybe inside the porch??

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