Retail Therapy (and a little bit of hooky).

Hello Blog Buddies, hope you have had a relaxing weekend. We have tried to do that here. Not done much but still feeling worn out!! It was a busy old week last week. Lots of juggling of children and activities/appointments happening, which is enough to wear me out!

Friday was the worst, school, a party, a potentially long hospital appointment, preschool, a playdate, an evening out for Mr P. I was just ticking it all off my mental list…Thats done, right whats next? Thank goodness for helpful friends and family or it would have been a nightmare.

The potentially long hospital appointment was very annoying because it turned into a short appointment and a recall on Monday because equipment wasn’t working. What a waste of time and stressing over nothing and I’ve still got it all to come tomorrow. On the plus side, Grandma Patch turned up unexpectedly on Thursday, offered to come with me to the hospital and when it was all changed we just HAD to go and have coffee and cake to get over it. Followed by some retail therapy and a wonderful lunch. Its a VERY long time since we had a girls day out. Must plan another one soon. Here is what we bought…

A big tangled mess! Ok here it is tidied up a bit….

That better? You can see whats there now. I got bargainous ribbons and spools. Grandma P treated me to a few pretty bits too (Cheers Mum!). She bought the red and purple ric rac, the yellow gingham and the rainbow ribbon. I bought the red and green tartan, red gingham, plain red and blue. Mine were in a box marked “four for £2” or 55p each and each is about 4 yards long. Thats 20 yards for £2.55. The spools were not a bargain but very much needed. Honestly, how can they charge 50p each for a tiny piece of moulded plastic???

There has also been a little bit of this going on…

Mostly to entertain me while the football was on. My elbow is feeling much happier again after its week of rest so I felt like a bit of a play with my cottons. Would you like another look?

Pretty flowers and lots of leaves. More of this tonight I think. Ok off to pick up my hook. Enjoy whats left of Sunday everyone.


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