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Hello Blog Buddies. How are you all doing today?? Well I hope.

I have an achey elbow/arm again, must have been overdoing the crochet 😦 Not that I feel like I have done a lot really. But if my elbow is sore then I have to give it a rest for a while so there won’t be any new hooky creations for a while. I have done a few squares for the blanket, got enough for another strip now. Sewing it together is a different movement and I think I should be OK to do that so there might be another blanket update soon. For a change last night I did a few flowers with my cottons but I better leave them alone for a while.

So here’s a different kind of post with no crochet at all but it is related. If you are a bit nosey curious like me then it will be right up your street.

I am also not entirely sure if I want to post these pictures because… well… you’ll see what I mean!!!

Ok this is safe territory. This is my little crochet corner in the living room. This is where the majority of the crochet is done, in the evening, when the little people are tucked up, listening to the tv. The box sometimes moves to the kitchen occasionally, or to another part of the room if I’m sitting elsewhere, but this is its usual home. The cottons are in the gingham bag that you can see. We recently moved the living room round (more on that later) so it is a relatively new home for crochet corner but nice and snuggly next to the fire.

Ok, slightly more wobbly territory now. This is where I currently sew. Its literally an attic room full of boxes. We moved in about a year and a half ago and we still have lots of boxes as we are lacking cupboards/shelves for them at present. The house is very much a work in progress and will be for a long time. It is 170 years old and needs some tlc. Its also listed so any tlc we do has to be done correctly (and consequently costs much more) so for furniture and decor we are on an almost non-existent budget. But having said that I LOVE my home and I shall just have to accept the challenges that come with it.

The workbench and shelves (and the poster!) were all left behind by the previous owner so I have just utilised the space as best I can. It may look a bit scruffy but it works perfectly right now. Small pieces of fabric are on the bottom shelf, threads/pins/machine parts on the left and larger pieces of fabric on higher shelves (as they are used less often) along with the jars of buttons and ribbons/braid. You can’t see the stereo which is on the floor to the right – always have to have something to listen to. Its quite cosy when the heating is on.

What you can’t see is whats behind me as I sit sewing. Now we are getting on to REALLY wobbly territory. You don’t really want to see do you???

You do?



A Great Big Mess (hangs head in shame)!!!

But really it doesn’t matter because when I’m sewing I am completely absorbed in what I am doing and can’t see any of that mess. I only get a short time while Little J is at pre-school so I tend to go at it like a mad woman, trying to get the most out of the time I have. I don’t look up or around, I am just focussed on the fabrics, ribbons, buttons or the sewing machine in front of me.  No one else sees this mess. Its not in anyone else’s way. Eventually, when do have more shelves/cupboards/storage then it will shrink and there will be more space in here. We have a big table I would like to use in here maybe one day. Inside the boxes are things like books and records (Mr Patch won’t give them up) that are not needed on a daily basis, so they can stay in their boxes out of the way until there is a proper home for them.

Phew! That wasn’t as bad as anticipated. Anybody guess which company moved us, by any chance???

Its almost time to collect the boys and its going to be a busy evening as Mr Patch and I are going to a gig (yay!) so there will be no crochet tonight and lots of arm resting. Enjoy whats left of your tuesday everyone.


19 thoughts on “My Workspace

  1. i love this post for obvious reasons! 🙂
    1. just plain & basic nosey, and
    2. because i can so relate to living and working in extended chaos without even seeing it

    also, 3. your packing boxes.
    4.5 years after moving in, i finally unpacked our last 2. they made great bedside tables *nostalgia*

    • The small people really love the packing boxes. I should really give them back but they do provide endless hours of entertainment and get turned into a variety of things… Dens… Spaceships…Forts….

  2. LOL! A work space is a workspace and you manage to create lovely things so why would you worry what it looks like. It’s great and it’s yours!

  3. Hi! I hope your arm and shoulder will be fine soon! Don’t worry about the boxes – I have to keep lots of materials in brown boxes. Important is that you have space to sew and where you don’t need to collect all your things every time you finish! Enjoy your creative corner! x Teje

    • Thanks Teje, it’s feeling much better today after only one evenings rest. You are right, it is sooooo wonderful to not have to get it all out when I want to sew and have to put it all away again when I finish 🙂

  4. I agree with tinyinc; who cares what it looks like – it’s a proper workspace! Very jealous actually 😀 I’m also unexplainably jealous of what looks like a spice rack for your bobbins. Definitely going to be on the look out for one in my charity shop as it’s a genius idea!

    • Mmmmm it does look like a spice rack. Not sure what it actually is/was, possibly the insides of a drawer?? Can’t take credit for it unfortunately as it was left there by the previous owners. I just utilised it!! It’s a little annoying as its quite easy to knock the bobbins off. A spice rack would work better because they have those little bars across the front.

  5. I find it so hard to work in a completely tidy space, my craft area (spare room – very small) is generally organised (not very) chaos! Nice to keep it real I think. Hope the gig was good! J x

  6. I have to tidy up every time I have been working as I am limited to my dining table so still v envious. little bits of dowl and ‘no nails’ will make your threads stay in your ‘spice rack’11

    • I had forgotten what a luxury it is to be able to leave it all out until Teje reminded me. I’m sure it’s one of the reasons I stopped sewing for a while (along with being too busy with work and small children). Mmmmm, maybe I will pick some dowl up next time we are in B&Q, good idea.

  7. I don’t know how you fit so much into your days, do wish I had the same motivation though. Not picked up my blanket for a few days now and it will only take a few nights to finish it.
    Note to self:- must get blanket done this week!

    • Neither have I due to sore elbow again, but it’s feeling much better now for its week of rest. It depends what else is happening really, if there’s school stuff, play dates etc. I don’t get much done. The important thing is to keep going back to it. It’s ok to leave it for a while but you have to pick it up and carry on after a bit. Just think about all the lovely things you can start when you finish it 😉

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