Phew – disaster averted!

Well hello you helpful lot. Thank you so much for your suggestions yesterday. I am very pleased to say that my lovely hooky blanket is now all back together and without holes. Phew! SSSSSOOOOOO relieved.

There it is – all back together again 😀

Bit of a busy day yesterday so I didn’t get chance to even attempt it until last night when small people were safely tucked up and all was calm again. I managed to find the end and thread it on to my needle, then thread it back through the stitches which had slipped off and pull the ring tight. Then I made sure I darned it in LOTS. Hopefully it won’t happen again but if it does I know exactly what to do now and I won’t be panicking quite so much. I’m very glad I didn’t have to take the whole square out but if I’d had to, well so be it, because my blanket is too beautiful to not mend.

To be honest I have been trying to get on the computer all day to let you know that all was well again, but Mr Patch was a bit poorly when he got back from work yesterday and consequently ended up working from home today so no computer available. He’s been feeling all hot and cold and shivery and generally rubbish, poor thing and his work is very busy right now. I think he would have preferred to snooze on the sofa in front of the TV today but there was work that just couldn’t wait. He has said he is starting to feel a bit better.

After repairing the blanket last night, I got my button sewing head on and tackled the pile of patchy bags that were waiting to be finished (four of them) and then this afternoon I cut out patches for two more bags to be sewn later (maybe tomorrow?). I also finished another bag on Tuesday. Pretty productive really, considering Monday was a holiday for everyone and Wednesday was hectic. Tonight I shall continue with the blanket. But before I rush off to do that I am going in search of some labels for my bags.

Have a pleasant and crafty evening everyone.


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