OMG… hooky blanket DISASTER!!! (Not-so-magic loops?)

Hello everyone. Hope your day is going better than mine!

This was not the post I had planned for today at all but we can do that one later. As the title says we have had a total disaster. My beautiful blanket was lying over a stool (more about that later) which Little J was sitting on whilst chatting to me. While he was chatting his little fingers found a tiny hole they could fit in and decided to explore. Unfortunately said hole was at the centre of one of my crochet squares and now we have a much larger hole and a slightly panicky Patch!!! Want to see the damage??

Ouch! The blanket was doubled over which is why you can see yellow and lilac behind.

As the title suggests, I have been starting off each square using the magic loop method (or my version of it) and for extra security I have been darning the end in a bit too when the square is finished. (Think I will darn it in even MORE from now on).

Does any of you lovely crochet people have any idea what I should do to correct/rescue this?? Is there a simple solution? Or am I going to have to carefully remove that square, frog it and make it again? What a I going to do??? HELP!!!!! Perhaps the magic loop method is not-so-magic at all??? Any one else had a problem with it?

Poor Little J. He did suffer a few grumpy words and shed a few tears. (He really doesn’t like it if you get cross with him). I don’t think he was even aware of what he was doing while he did it, bless him. And he did apologise straight away. Don’t worry – Little J and I are friends again now.

I’m going now to see if I can find out anything helpful on Google. Please speed back Everyone with lots of easy solutions for me.


10 thoughts on “OMG… hooky blanket DISASTER!!! (Not-so-magic loops?)

  1. Ouch!!! That looks like something that would have left me hyperventilating!
    Before you try to remove and frog the square, how about trying this: thread a darning needle with the corresponding color and try to pick up all the live stitches. Run the thread through those stitches a few times and then tighten it really tight, maybe even tie a knot somewhere in there?! I don’t know if it will work but I really hope so! Fingers crossed and keep us informed!

    • I think that sounds like as good plan! Might even be that you can shuffle the existing stitches around on the ring too. I don’t think it’s too big a disaster, you can let Little J back in the house now, it is raining 😉 you poor things. I use magic rings all the time and I’ve never had that happen – just looks like the yarn has stretched a bit. Would’ve been worse on one of the corner holes, but I really think you can thread this one around and tighten it up. I have faith in your skills 🙂

  2. I have thought that the chain four method did provide a more secure start, especially when doing trebles and actually I find the magic loop method harder! so haven’t used it much. But now to your problem. From the picture it looks to me that if you found the end of the yarn you could gently thread it through the base of the surrounding trebles and restore order. You could always tie on an extra length of yarn if that made it easier. At least as you have sewn them together, if you did decide to make a whole new square it wouldn’t be as disruptive as if you had crocheted them together as you go. Hope this helps.

    • I find the magic loop much easier and neater than the chain four method, but I am definitely wondering now! Perhaps once Little J has gone to preschool I might be brave and have a go at fixing it, eeeeeeek!

      • When I was making my hexagon blanket, I used the four chain method, if only because the pattern said so, but I left a long tail and worked all the trebles over it so that at the end of the row I could pull the circle tight. I then hoped that friction and inertia would keep the hole closed. This may be a thought for the future. The alternative would be to use the magic circle method but then thread a second piece of yarn through tie the ends together tight and darn the ends in but that would probably feel like a lot of extra work.

  3. Oh no, not your blanket! What a shame and I have no idea how to remedy it I am afraid. I really hope you manage to sort it out : ( Glad you and little J are friends again xx

  4. oh no!!! That kind of thing has happened to me many times but usually on small things so I just toss them away (well, unravel them). I too have no idea how to fix it but I think Rainbow Junkie@s solution sounds like it will work. For the record, I am a big fan of the magic circle – I hope it stays that way!!! Good luck and let us know!

  5. I agree with crochetingdoc, I’m sure that will fix it well for you 😉 I too love the magic circle, particularly if several dc’s or trebles are called for – such a squish to get them all in a chain 4 (for me). Let us know how you get on 🙂

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