Hooky Blanket Update

Hello lovely blogland people. Hope you are all enjoying your Monday. Its a Bank Holiday here so an extra day off for everyone. Its much needed in the Patch house as Mr Patch and Big J are very worn out by their visit to the Beavers Big Camp yesterday… well, mostly Mr Patch, who is attempting a snooze on the sofa as we speak but is being pestered by small boys.

I am grabbing the computer while I can (i.e.. while no one else is using it) to write you this blanket update. The last one was as long ago as 23rd March amazingly! You can read it here. Sadly the frogspawn in that post did not survive the snow we had. There doesn’t seem to be any in the pond at the moment either. Hopefully there is time yet for them to lay more as it gets warmer (if it ever gets warmer!).

So back on 23rd March the blanket looked like this :-

Kind of long and thin. I added another strip of joined squares to it this week so now it looks like this:-

A bit squarer now. Not such a sunny day unfortunately. So that makes three strips in total so far. I have quite a lot of squares made up and ready to go for the next strip, just a few more to do so there will hopefully be another post about this fairly soon. So stay tuned my friends. Speak soon.

24 thoughts on “Hooky Blanket Update

  1. I think it is quite funny that we both posted about Babette’s on the same day! I found your site via the searchy thingy at the bottom of my dashboard! Too fun. But your blanket is wonderful. Congratulations on completing it.

      • I’m just heading out to check your tutorial. However you look at it, they are s till beautiful blankets and every one is so very different! I love that about them!

    • Thanks. It is a blanket of many colours, isn’t it? The next stage will be more of the same, more colours, more squares, more blanket!!

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  3. Oh I love this! You have chosen so beautiful colours and I’m grazy about these patterns with different size of squares! x Teje

    • Thank you. It works in rounds. The smallest is two rounds and the biggest is ten rounds, others are two, four and six. Measurement-wise a two round square is roughly 4cm and a ten round is roughly 20cm.

  4. Patch I love the colors! I have also been thinking about making a babette, but I have to admit that knitting has been kind of an obsession lately, instead of crochet…!

    • Go with the current obsession I think. That way you will enjoy it more. It will wear off eventually and you’ll be back to crochet. Babette can wait till then 😉

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