Just a little update.

Hello everyone. Well I am a naughty blogger, not posting since Thursday. Terrible! Truth be told, there wasn’t much to blog about. Rubbish weekend with lots more rain but no opportunities to sew. But the week is looking brighter although sewing progress has been a little hampered by social duties but I don’t mind that so much.

We have done some of this:-

Yep, homemade playdough. Little J looks very pleased with his green, glittery fish and chips doesn’t he. We got the dough things out at the weekend due to the rain and discovered that a lot of it had dried up and gone crumbly. So we set to yesterday and made some fresh. Its so nice and soft and squishy and goes through all the dough machines really easily. Little J really enjoyed making it too. Lots of stirring.

I have also been ploughing on with this:-

Most of my evenings have been filled with making squares for the blanket because I was feeling like I had neglected it for a while when I was playing with my cottons.  This is where all the unjoined blanket pieces usually live. It used to be one of those boxes for keeping baby change stuff in from when Big J was a baby. It was sitting in the attic/workroom getting in the way and I decided it was perfect for the blanket yarns (instead of a big heap on the floor in the corner!). Quite a lot of squares made now. Definitely enough for another strip to be sewn together and probably plenty left over for the next. Here’s another picture for you so you can see all the lovely blanket goodness to come.

A HUGE tower of squares! Hopefully I will get round to sewing it together soon so make sure you come back to have a look. Better go and make Little J’s lunch. Take care.


16 thoughts on “Just a little update.

  1. Love the squares! Oh crochet…I haven’t done any in a while! I am a bit obsessed with knitting at the moment! How big is the blanket going to be in the end? Have a wonderful May!!!

    • No idea how big it will be lol!! I am carrying on until I have used my yarn up – it will be that big!! Its not big enough for a single bed yet or for an adult to snuggle under. I guess you could call it a lap blanket at the moment.

  2. It’s really coming on now. I can’t wait to see the finished blanket!
    What kind of stitch are you using to sew pieces together I’d quite like a peep? At the moment I’m fascinated in joining techniques; I keep looking at people’s blogs and browsing magazines and books.

    • I’m really glad I added glitter because the green food colouring came out very pale (not much left in the bottle). I thought it might all fall out but it doesn’t really. Worked well.

    • Thank you. It’s a bit mindless crocheting all those squares but that’s what I like about it. Something that keeps you busy without being too much of a challenge.

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