Works in progress.

Hello Blogland Peeps, how are you today? Almost the weekend 🙂

I’m popping by to show you what I have been up to. Bit of a variation on a theme. Although I am not feeling hugely confident about it as yet. However I would welcome your critical appraisal and constructive comments on this, so please tell me what you think.

Now I know you all love the little appliqué houses I have been making but I thought I would try something a bit different. Here, have a look.

Obviously in the construction stage here. Not too much variation – a little house with a washing line. I like washing on washing lines. Nothing better than beautiful white sheets blowing in the breeze on a sunny day (well I need something to remind me what a sunny day is like just now!). Perhaps I should just do a washing line without the house??? What do you think???

Now as well as houses, and washing lines, I quite like elephants. I realised this with the beautiful bedspread I got for christmas from my inlaws. So here is variation number two.

I think I like this one least as there is too much empty space around them. I have been trying to think of something I would like to put in that space without it getting too complex but I’m at a loss there. Here is variation number three.

I like this better but wasn’t sure how successful my curves would be. All of them will be finished with the normal ribbon, braid and button flowers of course.

Things have moved on a little from these pictures as this afternoon I did some of the stitching, so we are a little closer to complete now. Have a look.

Both of these are awaiting buttons now. Fairly pleased with the house, still wondering if I should try the washing line on its own though. Elephants are OK-ish. If you enlarge the photo you will see that the stitching at the bend in the trunks is not fantastic and also where the little elephant and the big elephant’s feet overlap. They just don’t seem to work as well as houses. Check back at this post and this post, here and here to have a look at some houses. Perhaps I’m just having a crisis of confidence.

Anyway, have a good look and tell me what you think.

Crochet-wise I’m having a blast at the blanket this week so hopefully soon there will be a bit more progress to show you on that.

Right, I’m off to get hooking. Enjoy your evening ( or whatever time of day it is where you are in the world!). Speak soon.


33 thoughts on “Works in progress.

    • Thanks. I’m definitely super-critical of my work. Not necessarily a bad thing though – hopefully it will push me to improve things.

  1. I like them: although it sounds a bit strange I prefer the elephants facing to the left I think (random comment i know!) they’ll look really good with buttons added. I’m a little bit anal but my automatic thought is that the white sheets on the line will get dirty in no time as the outside of the bag may get a bit grubby. I really like the washing line though.
    I hope this is constructive and useful 🙂

    • Definitely constructive and useful. I liked the arrangement of the elephants facing left, just thought it was too small for the bag. Hmmm you have a very good point about the white washing getting dirty. It wouldn’t show so much if it was coloured washing 😉 Maybe I should keep white washing for framed pictures.

  2. i love them, I think i like the elephants in a row, I quite like the space around them. Foolishly I hung washing on the line this morning, no rain, just gale force wind, still it did dry pretty quickly 🙂 Even if they are not perfect, which I’m sure from the look of them you are being hard too on yourself, you made them which is awesome! Keep it up:)

    • Thank you. I am wondering now if I should try the elephants in a row right at the bottom of the bag, almost like a border?? Might try it later.

  3. These are very fabulous!!! you should feel very confident about them. they look great… I love the way you amde the elephants look like a loving family… they’re so adorable!

  4. Wow, lovely experiments! I love the gold on the elephants. I do agree with the others I think, the three elephants in a row is visually simpler, and does work well. I wonder I’d thats because the fabric of the intertwined ones is the same colours? Perhaps just the two elephants intertwined but in different colours would work? It’s such a sweet idea, maybe it doesn’t need the third one? And the washing is a perfect addition to the house. Also – you’re very brave to do stitching on a curve – it looks great to me!

    • Thank you. Not brave – maybe mad!!!! The slow curve of the elephants back was fine, the tighter curve of the trunk was a different matter! Lots of interesting ideas here thanks – think I may have to continue playing with elephant ideas.

  5. What lovely ideas indeed and beautiful work as always 🙂 What a lot of varied opinions too, which won’t help your decision making at all I feel and mine too is different 😉
    I love the elephants cosied together with button flowers around. Buttons are ALways good 😉 I lOve the washing, but I think that being white, it looks a little lost on the light background , (maybe it’s just the lighting?) and I also think it would look grubby quickly, (not good for white sheets). What about coloured washing?
    Oh, poor you, decisions decisions 🙂

    • Cheers for that. Thats two votes against white washing on the line. Think I may save it for framed pictures where it won’t get grubby. I could give it an outline with stitching to make it stand out perhaps?? Coloured washing for bags in future. Varied opinions are good – gives me lots of ideas to play with. And I love the playing with it all – choosing the fabrics, swapping them round, moving the pieces – its the best bit. 🙂

  6. I love the idea of the washing line, and don’t think the white sheets will be any more of a problem than any other part of the bag – will all need washing every now and then. maybe your sheets don’t have to be white? maybe a little floral pattern on a light background?
    elephants are my favourites. i could never have enough. your s are stunning. left, right, up or down, i think they all work.

    • Thanks Jill. I did some more yesterday afternoon and I think the curves and trunks are improving! I don’t like to think about what the bag would look like once it’s been used lots but I suppose I should take it in to consideration. I would rather they were used than not.

    • Do you mean the orangey stuff? It’s sort of a bit waxed on one side which gives it a slight shine. Probably has a technical name but I don’t know it. Some scraps I got from somewhere, some of it was half made up into cushion covers.

  7. It’s not quite as shiny as satin. But I would like to include more types of fabric in the pictures. I think it could look quite good. More contrast, more interesting.

  8. Please forgive my ignorance and enlighten me. I only have a sewing machine from the dark ages – almost literally – and I can’t work out how you can possibly machine-sew onto the front of a bag. I mean, I could possibly sew from left to right across the front of the bag so long as it wasn’t too far down the front, but no way could I sew a line of stitches from top to bottom.
    I realise that I am probably making a prat of myself by even asking, but I couldn’t work out how to google this question and I’m fascinated to know.
    Thank you.

    • Lol! Happy to help in anyway I can Cathy and if you don’t ask, you might never know! My sewing machine is nothing amazing, I have probably had it over twenty years (now I feel old!) but I would love a truely ancient one.

      It’s literally just a case of scrunching the fabric up to ensure that the top opening is behind the part you want to sew on, if you see what I mean. I know, really technical explanation there!! I literally check each time I sew a line that I am only sewing through the one layer of bag. It does get trickier closer to the bottom of the bag as more scrunching and wiggling is required. I haven’t sewed the two sides together yet but the bag handles have had a couple of near misses! If the bag had a very small opening it would be much harder.

      • Well well, scrunch and wiggle, who’d have thought?
        Thank you very much for that. I wondered whether you had some sort of magic attachment that let you sew right down inside the bag, like some sort of extendable arm. I couldn’t imagine how that would work! Now every time I see one of your clever creations, I will imagine you in elegant, yoga-like poses as you manoeuvre your bag and try not to sew it to your arm!

  9. Great visual there Cathy 😉 Mrs Patch in different contortions whilst sewing 😀
    Visual addition – Mrs Patch wearing some kind of protective sleeves in order not to sew arm to bag 😀

  10. Lmao!! It is a bit like that!!
    Cathy, the shape of my machine does allow the fabric to go underneath the sewing bed a little but only about 3 inches. I guess it helps but it’s not really enough. No extendable arms but a pair of those could prove highly useful!!

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