Mug cosy madness!!!

Hello blogland buddies, how are you all doing?

Here it is still rather soggy so I have been at it again. I LOVE these cup capes. So simple, easy to adapt and endless scope for creativity. Here is number two.

Hmmm, wish I’d straightened it up before photographing!

I said I had an urge for baby pink didn’t I? (I really must be ill!!). The pink is the petal shade of Planet Penny Cotton and the grey is the Rowan Cotton Glace from the crochet workshop (I knew it would get used). These are not my usual colours of choice AT ALL. I am bright girl. My absolute favourite is purple (not lilac mind), that rich, deep, bluey,  royal purple. I like strong colours not pastels but for some reason I just had an urge, or maybe an instinct. Whatever, it works. More pics?

Newly aquired plain cup. Finished with an absolutely perfect sparkly grey button. And look how neat the edges of the handle space are now. No more wiggly bits due to accidentally increasing!!

The pattern for the flowers are from this lovely blog. Beware, its in American terms and the htr stitch blew my mind a little – lots of winding round the hook. But an easy peasy pretty flower. There are four altogether – I would have preferred three or five (odd numbers are always better) but because of their size four fitted best. Last gratuitous photo.

It wasn’t actually made on this cup but for a slightly smaller one. They do seem to be a little stretchy though and it looks better on here (the other was my lovely purple metallic mug). What do you reckon??

Right off for some soup then sewing. Enjoy your week everyone.


11 thoughts on “Mug cosy madness!!!

  1. Really pretty mug cover. Inspired to crochet one myself now, esecially as I tend to forget my tea and then it goes cold.

  2. I love what you’re doing with the cotton – so pretty. And great idea for mugs of tea – perfect for me as i can’t stand luke warm tea. Good one.

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