Is it a cape, a cosy or a hug???

Hello All. More rain today – yay more crafting weather! Also Little J is off to pre school earlier today and tomorrow. He’s going at 11.30 for lunch. He’s very excited because he has a new lunchbox. This is him practicing for September when he starts school full-time. So that means even more potential crafty time. 😀

Crochetwise, this week I have mostly been trebling on with the blanket after my little break from it. But last night I felt like a bit of a play so I decided to follow a pattern I saw the other day on this lovely blog. I’ve had something like this on my mental to do list for a while. So I used my Planet Penny Cotton Club Cotton again and got hooking.

Here have a look.

Very 70’s don’t you think. I like. A lot. Big J said “It’s beautiful” which is high praise from him. Now this one is not perfect. I managed to add a few stitches where they weren’t needed so I got a bit of a wobbly edge near the handle.

Can you see where I mean? I can sort that next time. Might also need to work on the edging a little??? But I have a head full of ideas for these now. I have a bit of an idea for paler (pastel maybe) colours, maybe baby pink and blue (which is NOT like me at all) but all decorated with buttony, flowery goodness too. Oh to exciting!!! Here’s another gratuitous picture for you.

Love it. Think this may be my new favourite mug. Can see a few of these being made for presents too. Right better go. Its almost pre school time. Have a wonderfully crafty thursday everyone.

Take care. Speak soon.


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