Testing, testing….

Hello All. How are you doing today?? Its rain, rain, rain here. Perfect crafting weather though!!!

Well I have gone off at a tangent. I got a “makey” urge on me on Sunday and got busy with the fabric and scissors. I have a stack of bags to do so really shouldn’t be going off at a tangent but I have been meaning to have a try at this for ages. So I did a bit of pattern making, cutting, pinning. Monday I got to sewing appliqué and yesterday I got to joining and finishing. Hurrah!!

Now its the first time I have attempted this and I think there are improvements to be made but its worked out quite well. Want a peek? Of course you do.

What do you think of my patchy little house notebook cover?? The reason I went off on this tangent was that I bought myself a new notebook on Saturday to take with me to my workshop. Its the ring bound kind. I’m wondering if the other kind would be better for covering??? See how the pages hang out at the bottom. The cover came out a bit of a tight fit. Obviously too loose would be no good but I would have liked a little bit more space to play with so I could topstitch around the edges to give a neat, finished look. But I’m just testing it out so I know for the future now.

I used some fabrics I had not used before for this and a bit of the bargainous blue ribbon I got a little while back and the yellow ribbon from my birthday fat quarters. I have found a supplier for untreated calico at a reasonable price so I may order some to make some more of these or some other pretty, patchy things.

I’m off back to the workspace now. Have been playing around with a new patchy design. Oooooo exciting!!! Keen to carry on with that. Watch this space for more details.

Take care. Speak soon.


39 thoughts on “Testing, testing….

    • Mmmm the paleness of it is a bit of a worry. I use a notebook in the kitchen to plan the meals and am contemplating making myself an oilcloth one that would wipe clean, probably without appliqué though.

  1. OMGoodness, this is so very cute! You are so good at this! I love stuff like this, buy it but not use it – keep it for pretties 😉

  2. Yet again a gorgeous bit of work from you Patch – it’s really lovely and puts my appliqué to shame! Definitely make some for your craft fair if you can. I’ve still not got round to covering the notebooks I’d bought in preparation – I also keep going off at a tangent :S

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