Crochet Workshop Update.

Hello Lovely Blogreaders. How are you all today?? Rested after the weekend?? Good.

Here I am back again to tell you all about the Crochet Workshop I attended yesterday. It was held at the Up Country shop in Holmfirth. Its a wonderful shop where I could easily bankrupt myself but I was very well behaved and kept my hands in my pockets and my blinkers on when walking past all the beautiful yarn (apart from when I had to wait to use the toilet – couldn’t help but start looking then – fortunately the lady in front of me was done quickly and saved me from myself!!). They also sell clothes and shoes.

Now it was advertised as a Beginners Crochet Workshop and way back in late January when I booked it I did enquire about how beginnerish it was going to be. Bearing in mind I only really started crocheting after seeing Max’s sisters flowers at the school Christmas Fair (so it must have been sometime in December 2011) I was still very much a beginner. I still think I am really. I don’t have lots of experience reading, interpreting and following patterns. I don’t know lots of stitches, just the basics really. And what I do know I’m never sure if I’m doing it right, I just try to make it look like the picture and be fairly neat. I’d be useless without a picture lol!!! Anyway I was assured that there would be things for me to learn and that no doubt the tutor would tailor it to the skills of her students.

Last Tuesday I received a letter confirming my place on the workshop. The plan for the day was:-

Holding the hook and yarn

Working the basic stitches

Crochet terminology in order to read a pattern

Crochet edges for knitted fabrics

I expected it to cover most of what I knew but hoped for a little bit more that I didn’t know. There were 9 ladies on the day – one lady had brought her Mum as a Mothers Day Present (lovely idea). The vast majority of them were knitters (I think there was only me and one other who said they weren’t knitters) and most of them had never crocheted before, and I mean NEVER. There were maybe three of us who had a little experience. Our tutor, Sara Thornett, (who works for Rowan and is based at the Nottingham store but also travels to teach workshops and designs for them) took use through (in English terms) double crochet, treble crochet and half treble crochet stitches. She had mentioned earlier that we would make a crochet hook case and maybe make some edging. But it took a long time for the absolute beginners to get used to holding the hook and yarn, and the very basic stitches so by lunchtime that was all we had done. After asking about which threads I should be putting my hook under at the top and discovering it didn’t matter I had enjoyed myself playing around with my doubles, trebles and half trebles, experimenting with which thread/threads I picked up at the top edge to achieve variations in the pattern while the others got to grips with the basics. I also learned how to make stripes by carrying the yarn up at the edge of the crochet (something I hadn’t done before) plus a one or two other tips.

After lunch Sara went through the first few lines of a pattern with us to explain how to read it and also showed everyone how to make a circle. I have to confess I got a bit fed up in the afternoon. I began to feel I wasn’t achieving anything and was getting frustrated that I was sitting doing the workshop rather than doing some crochet that I actually wanted to do.

I think because there were so many total beginners in the group we didn’t get as far as we might have done. Sadly in the end we did not make a crochet hook case or any edging although we were given patterns to take away to try if we wanted to. Would you like to see what I did achieve?? Here you go then.

The yarn is Rowan Cotton Glace in a pale grey and a pale beige colour which we were provided with for the workshop. I wouldn’t normally buy it as it is quite expensive and they aren’t my usual colours but I do quite like the grey. But hey, I’m not going to say no to a freebie and they will be used sooner or later. I have frogged all my samples now, couldn’t see the point in keeping them when the yarn could be used for something else. I think the majority of ladies there enjoyed it, learned a lot and were inspired. I did learn a few new tricks and tips but I think it was perhaps not the right workshop for me really. Shame. I had high hopes. Ahhh well – you live and learn. I might keep my eyes open for an Improvers Crochet Workshop, or a project based one.

Right, now I am off to do some crochet the I want to do.

Take care. Speak soon.


6 thoughts on “Crochet Workshop Update.

  1. Oh, that’s frustrating! Why couldn’t the teacher set you off doing your thing while she helped the others? You’re more than able to manage for a bit without supervision, so she should’ve set you up and let you get on with it… On the plus side, looks like you’ve come on much further than you thought, which is a good thing. I must admit, I’m not sure I’d put you in a beginners class 🙂

    I do think with crochet, once you’ve got the knack of keeping the yarn on the hook, most stitches you can work out with the help of the Internet and you tube… Or that’s usually my teacher.

    • Usually my teacher too. The lady on one side of me was pretty good too and could have done more. The lady on the other was really struggling and needed lots of help. I guess it’s hard with a one day workshop because you only get to know your students abilities by the time you are halfway through it.

  2. It sounds like the class size was too big for complete beginners. Surely, someone who goes around the country doing workshops would have come across this problem before. There are lots of “beginner levels” for any skill. I can understand your frustration. You are obviously better at crochet than you think 🙂

  3. I just know that if I had been that crochet workshop I would’ve ended up teaching the beginners!! I would not have been able to resist it…
    It sounds a bit frustrating for you but at least you know now that you are more than a beginner 🙂

  4. I would have a tough time with a workshop I think. I’m one of those that has to learn on my own, web tutorials and such are great for that it seems. Good job trying it out though! I do the same thing with yarn if I’m not exactly satisfied with a project I unravel and use the yarn for something else. I’m too cheap to waste good yarn!!

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