Attack of the Killer Zombunnies!!

Hello Lovely Blogpeeps. Hope you are all well and rejoicing in the fact that it is Friday. Yay the weekend starts here. I am gradually recovering from my Easter Holiday Temporal Confusion. Next week all will be well once more with the boys back to school and normal routines resumed.

Popping in today to show you two latecomers to the Easter Party.

These two appeared on the breakfast table this morning. Again made with Planet Penny Cotton Club cotton, the boys chose the colours. The green one is Big J’s and the yellow is Little J’s. I got my inspiration from here but tweaked with the pattern again to make it to my liking (will I EVER follow a pattern correctly??). I’m afraid I’m not a very girly girl. I do not like pink or cute so a lot of the amigurumi stuff is out. I thought these guys were cool though and thought my boys would appreciate them, which they did. If I made more I would make them a tiny bit larger, they were bit on the neat side when I put them on the eggs. Do you like???

In other news, tomorrow I am doing a beginners crochet workshop from 10.30 to 4.30. All day devoted to crochet, and to hopefully improving on what I have already learned. I am reeeeeeeaaaaallllyyyy looking forward to spending the day with likeminded folk and getting to know them a bit. I have been told to take a 3.5 hook and some lunch (tea/coffee and cake provided). I wonder what we are going to do??? Sooooo excited!! I will report back afterwards for you.

Have a good weekend all.


10 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer Zombunnies!!

  1. How exciting to be able to spend aaaalll day doing hookie gladness – you lucky blogger 😉
    Have fun & report back soon 😉

    • There is a lot I am not sure I am doing right. Although I am getting the distinct impression that crochet is a kind of organic thing that evolves from person to person. One person does it one way and the next person another with similar results. No doubt I can learn some good hints and tips tomorrow.

  2. Really love your bunnies, they made me smile so much! Hope you enjoy your day of crochet today, sound great! Have a brill weekend and I hope you get to the seaside very soon!! J xx

  3. Those bunnies are very cute! I need to pick up my crochet hooks and re-learn everything again. I just never get around to it……

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