Mysterious object revealed.

Hello Lovely Blogpeeps. How are you this wonderful Wednesday??

I thought I would pop by quickly to put you all out of your misery. I have to say a lot of your guesses about our mystery object yesterday were very close. All along the right yarny (or more accurately “thready” lines). Here is another picture of the unusual item.

You get more of an idea of scale as my hand is in the picture too. As I mentioned yesterday it has been repurposed as a pen now, which is another reason I love it.

It is actually a pirn. What is a pirn, you ask?? It is a pin onto which the weft thread is wound before it goes into the shuttle when weaving. There is an interesting little video of on how to wind a pirn here on You Tube. It shows how the pirn fits inside the shuttle. In the video they are using modern day shuttles and pirns. Mine is an antique.

A couple of years ago we camped in Lancashire for our summer holidays and we visited the Queen Street Textile Museum in Burnley. It is the last commercial steam powered textile weaving mill in the world. In its heyday it produced plain, untreated cotton calico or “grey cloth”. It really was like stepping back in time when we walked around it, as if the workers had just gone home for the day. If you look here you can see some photos of the Mill. They run the steam engine and the looms during the day. The noise of all those looms running was unbelievable – thankfully we were given ear defenders.

It was a really interesting day out. I got my pirn in the gift shop where they had thoughtfully turned some original ones into pens for visitors to buy. I had to have one, it’s fantastic as it never gets lost, its too big. I love the history of it and wonder what has happened to the cloth it helped to weave?? I love that it has been given another use. And what more perfect thing should I have in my weavers cottage???


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