Crochet toilet roll holder???? Nnnnooooooooooo!!!

Hello Blogreaders, how are you all???

This holiday is totally confusing my sense of time and routines. I don’t know what day it is and if I’m coming or going! Anyone else get like that??? Its been Saturday when its Friday and Sunday when its Saturday and now I’m just confused! So apologies for the erratic blogging schedule… normal services will be resumed soon (hopefully!). The weather has been rubbish of course, wet and cold, as is normal for school holidays, so we haven’t been far. Mostly spending family time at home with games and movies. Mr Patch is back to work tomorrow so we might have a bit of a trip out today, once swimming is done with.

Now, down to hooky business. What have I been up to??? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?? Is it a crochet toilet roll holder??

….. Nope.

Yes you can heave a collective sigh of relief now.



Jar Jacket!!!

Want to see???

Mr Patch was not very polite about it at first. He said the ribbon looked Granny-ish! It wasn’t intended to have a ribbon but came out a tiny bit too large. He likes it better now that it has its buttons I think (or he could just be humouring me!). I like it and its going to sit on my workbench within arms reach for the bits and pieces I need regular access to. Its made with my Planet Penny Cotton Club cotton again. I’m in the mood for making small things at the moment and the blanket is taking a back seat. Normal service will be resumed there soon too.

Can you see that curious looking wooden thing sticking out of it?? Well that is one of my very favourite things. Anyone know what it is??? Answers on a postcard please…


19 thoughts on “Crochet toilet roll holder???? Nnnnooooooooooo!!!

  1. Is it a garden dibber (dabber)- I can never remember the proper name. Your jar cover is very pretty, the buttons really add to the loveliness .

  2. is it some form of yarn spinner? I love the Jar cover it’s so colorful it goes wonderful with the bowl of bulbs!

  3. I have NO idea what that wooden handle object is and I won’t venture to guess. 😉

    I think our husbands are too similar in their opinions of our “crafts”! Men are silly sometimes!

  4. I love your jar cover with the buttons. So pretty and colorful. I’m going to guess that the wooden handle once belong to an awl.

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