SNOW! And more cottony, crochetty fun.

Morning lovely blog people! How are you all today?

Bit exciting here. Little J’s play school is having its building extended over the holiday. Its a portacabin type thing and they are bringing two new pieces to add on to it. So we have a big crane outside this morning and they have just been offloading the new building pieces from the lorries with the crane. Amazing how they can do it in little narrow village streets, successfully avoiding buildings, wires, trees etc. Little J has missed it all because he has gone to swimming with Daddy and Big J so I have been a good mummy and taken lots of photos for him. Play school will no doubt want to see them too.

Anyway, thats totally off topic! Back to business. They told us it was going to snow, after summer sandals and shorts weather last week, I didn’t really believe them. I thought we might get wintery showers but it probably wouldn’t lay. Wrong, wrong, wrong!! This is how much snow we had when I got up on Wednesday morning.

My poor Forsythia! All the daffodils are squashed and very sad looking now. Wonder how the frogspawn will fare??? So glad I didn’t plant my potatoes yet. Mr Patch worked from home and Big J was reluctant to walk down the hill and back to swimming (its wasn’t worth risking the car!) but he was a total trooper and did it with very little complaining. However it did provide lots of fun for small boys. It wasn’t good for sledging – bit too wet, but was perfect for snowman building. So meet Zion Lewis (he’s the one in the middle!).

They named him. I thought he sounded like an olympic athlete! He’s so fast you don’t see him move 😉

It also provided beautiful views. This is the view across the valley in a bit of evening sunshine.

Ever wondered why I have a thing about little houses??? Well there’s my inspiration. Thats the view from my workspace.

Enough about snow, its melted a lot now from the sunshine yesterday. Those Cotton Hens are very prolific layers. They have been at it again. I love how they make rainbow eggs.

I think they have done laying for this year now. The bowl of eggs is just waiting for the easter bunny to visit with some chocolate ones. Why does a rabbit bring eggs??? Surely it should be the easter chicken?? Hmmmm maybe I’ll have to crochet a bunny?? Or a chicken??? Oh so many ideas, so little time!! Have a closer look at those pretty eggs.

These were all made with my beautiful Planet Penny Cotton Club cotton. They are usually in the middle of the kitchen table and make a very jolly, colourful, easter centrepiece.

Last night I started making something else with my cotton but its only half finished so you will have to wait for news of that.

Right they will be back from swimming any minute. better get organised. Enjoy Good Friday everyone.


10 thoughts on “SNOW! And more cottony, crochetty fun.

  1. Lovely snowy photos 🙂 We are right by the sea so the snow missed us but a few miles inland had 8 inches on the ground which drifted in the high winds. However, the rained flattened our daffs too! I love your rainbow eggs. Nice that they will keep forever 🙂

  2. Wow! All that snow! It doesn’t seem possible after the amazing hot spell we’ve just had. We’ve had just the one really wet day here, but now we’re into the hosepipe ban so goodness what’s going to happen to the garden this year 😦

    I LOVE your eggs! I’ve had it in mind to make some but have been so busy with Open Studios coming up the crochet has, frustratingly, had to take a back seat, so I’m so glad to be able to see how they turn out. Do please put them on the Flickr group if you can. Which pattern did you use, or did you write your own?

    Looking forward to seeing your next creation!


  3. Gorgeous eggs, so colourful. That Planet Penny Cotton is lovely – trouble is, I can’t crochet!
    We had a bit of snow but nowhere near as much as you. Still a scattering of it on the Black Mountains behind us, but most of it has thawed.

    • Thank you. I hadn’t done any crochet for many years and had to teach myself all over again. It’s not hard – go on have a go. There are lots of fantastic tutorials around with lots of photos (which is how I did it). Then you could have pretty eggs too 😉

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