Beautiful Braid and Birthday Treats.

Hello lovely people. Hope you are all well today. I am feeling a bit bad about not posting very much lately. Its Easter holidays and I’m not really getting a minute to myself. Big J is doing an intensive swimming course which means we are off to the pool every morning at 9am and that totally throws my usual routine. Today we have also done bedroom tidying and have just built an enormous den out of leftover packing boxes.

Quite impressive isn’t it. Big J’s idea. So I am grabbing this minute while they are entertaining themselves in their den to write a quick post for you. As very little sewing is getting done, I thought I would show you my new acquisitions.

My lovely sister brought me a little parcel of fat quarters for my birthday. My fabric stash was mostly blues and quite a lot of plains with the odd bit of other stuff thrown in (leftovers from other projects and recycled bits and pieces). She brought me some lovely oranges, yellows and pinks. Oooooooooo excited happy dance!!! Have a look.

Ooooooooo sooooo beautiful. Have a closer look!

I was itching to use them straight away. At the weekend I finished a couple of bags I was working on and had a bit of a tidy up of my workspace making more room to work (yay!). Then I hunted through my tidied stash for some plains that would go with them, ironed it all and then cut out another little house using some of this yummy fabric. Oh joy and bliss!!! I will have to go hunting for some more matching plains/shades to go with the three at the bottom of the picture, but aren’t they gorgeous?? I also need to go hunting for some thread to go with it too so job stopped until then (Thursday maybe??).

On Saturday morning, while doing other errands, I had a quick look in the local Fabric Mill Shop and brought home the three bundles of ribbon/braid at the top of this picture. There’s about 6 Patch yards (from my fingers to my nose) of the red/green braid and similar amounts of the blue and orange ribbon(which has butterflies on it). The braid cost £1 and the ribbons 50p each – totally bargainous!!! The others were from the haberdashery shop and cost slightly more. I’ve already used the flowery braid but not the purple – another colour that my stash is lacking (weird as its my favourite!) but that will be corrected eventually!

My birthday also brought a bit of a book-fest. Some crochetty books…

Yay! I think these might keep me going for a while. Once I’ve stopped making eggs I might have a go with something from one of these. Aaahhhh so many ideas…. so little time!!!!

I also got this one that I’ve been wanting for a while. So if you like the cooking posts expect to see some inspiration from this soon.

Just thinking about it makes me hungry!!!! Right, its gone too quiet in the den, think I better investigate.

Enjoy whats left of your Tuesday – hope its not snowing on you, none here yet.


8 thoughts on “Beautiful Braid and Birthday Treats.

  1. Oh how I wish I could sew too, those fabrics & ribbons are lovely 😉 but I’ll leave it to the talented folks such as yourself 😉
    Are you selling any bags at all, at all, hmm, hmm? 😉
    Ooh dens in boxes! What fun is to be had 😉 I hope the kiddiewinks had fab adventures and you got to do more ‘me’ stuff.
    M x

    • I’m trying to head towards selling some… Eventually…. When I don’t have to keep giving them for mothers day presents. It’s slow progress at the moment… Sorry!!

      • Hehe 😉 Don’t apologise hun, it was simply a gentle, but cheeky, reminder 😉

  2. I have only crocheted very basic squares but could easily get more switched on (distracted) by your lovely books. Happy belated birthday! It always made me wonder why we used spend so much money on toys when cardboard boxes were always so much more fun 🙂 Enjoy!

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