A busy time and another pretty bag.

Sorry for not posting much this week everyone. We have all been a bit worn out after our very busy weekend and its been quite a busy week too.

At the weekend we visited Grandma and Grandad Cheese (there are reasons for these nicknames – honest!). They live about five hours away so we don’t see them so often.

Grandma had saved lots of jobs to keep the boys busy, one of which was breaking apart an old gate so the wood could be reused. They really enjoyed that as you can see by the pictures.

I brought her one of my house bags (thought I better as I had already given one to Grandma Patch) as a belated Mothers Day present. I think she liked it.We stayed overnight in a hotel then spent Sunday at Legoland which the boys LOVE. It was even better this time as they were promoting their new Starwars Miniland so there were lots of people in Starwars costume wandering around. Big J loves Starwars. Little J hasn’t watched it yet but knows all about the characters (he was a bit scared of some of the costumed people). He was playing with the actual Lego figures one day and wanted to know Chewbacca’s name – we told him he was called Chewy. Later he couldn’t find him and said “where that man??? That one…. Crunchy”!!!! Bless. He’s been Crunchy ever since in our house.

We had a full day there, walking miles in the sunshine, then driving the five hours home in the evening and moving sleeping boys from the car to their beds. The clocks changed for summertime too meaning we lost an hours sleep. So we have all been a bit worn out this week. Very little crafting of any sort has been done sadly. I have really wanted to sew but not managed very much at all.

My sister and her boys visited too as it was my birthday and today Little J had an extra day of holiday from play school so we have had a trip to the park and to a friends for lunch. Its been very social and enjoyable but I don’t feel like I have achieved much craft wise. Next week might not be much better as both boys are on holiday for two weeks now so I am going to be kept busy. I shall see what I can squeeze in.

Hope you have all had a productive week and that you have a wonderful weekend.


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