Spring has definitely sprung (and a blanket update).

Do you know how I can tell? Its not the daffodils, forsythia, or blossom on the trees. This is how I know…

Mrs Frog caught in the act of laying frogspawn in our pond yesterday. And in this picture Mr Frog is looking on approvingly while his friend swims nearby…

There are/were some fish in there too somewhere under to greenery. They haven’t been seen since we put them in. They were supposed to eat the green floaty stuff but I think its a bit too much for them.

Seeing as it was such a sunny day I decided to make the most of the light and take my photos for you in the garden. So here you go… Babette style blanket update….

On a grubby garden chair. Mmmmm joyful rainbowness. Its a bit “coat of many colours” isn’t it? Here’s another so you can see the full size of it more clearly…

This is two strips of squares joined together. Plenty more to go. Actually you can see the join quite clearly on this photo now I’ve looked closely at it! The lovely thing is that it won’t fit in the bag I’ve been using for it so easily now, so its been lying on the sofa and the boys have already been using it for snuggling. Especially Little J who it fits best right now.

The not so good thing is that I have been having a bit of elbow pain which, I am very reluctantly admitting, might be down to crochet. Its only in my hook arm 😦 The block for the blanket is very treblicious and I think it might be the repetitive twisting movement that is doing it. I’ve had a couple of nights off from blanketing (still HAD to crochet though so I did small cottony things with my lovely new yarn – watch this space for news) and my elbow is almost painless again. So am thinking (very reluctantly) that I might have to slow down with it a bit 😦 And maybe start taking cod liver oil!!! Anyone else got any crochet injuries???

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Its looking like its going to be a sunny warm one here – hope yours is too. Enjoy.


16 thoughts on “Spring has definitely sprung (and a blanket update).

  1. Oh its looking really great I cant wait to see it finished. I have to admit I do get wrist ache when doing trebles I can’t do them for more than an hour at a time or it gets painful. I love your frogs, and this time of year.

  2. Your blanket’s looking so good! And yes, I unfortunately relate to the crochet pains! I get it in my hands though – I’ve never had it in my elbow. I just have to force myself to take breaks every little while and stretch my hands and wrists out. Hope you can find a way to get some relief!

  3. Love the fresh colour combinations and the mismatched square sizes; what yarn did you use? I have never seen yarn in colours so bright!
    For the elbow pain I use a small hot water bottle, and plenty of short breaks while crocheting. :c
    Hope it offers you some respite!

  4. Lovely to see the progress, I like it sooo much – it’s rather different to most you see online atm.

    I can’t see the join at all and I’ve peered, it’s only you because you know exactly where to look.

    I have an elbow problem, had for years on and off, had the needles for it, ultra sound (!) psysio, a brace for driving etc. The thing I’ve found is not to stir heavy cake/bread etc mixtures by hand, try not to do too many country roads when driving as the gear changes make it v sore and…….just in the last week I’ve realised that dtr do NOT help. (Doing dtr is 2x winding the yarn and lots of repetition of this for the ss scarf. Plus I’ve been writing lots this week and that’s a bad combo.)

    Do another project and give it a break every few days, that’s what I did last night. But my hands were itching to crochet while we watched tv…..so I got up and did a bit this a.m….sad are’n’t I?

    So once again we are on the same page!

    Have a happy weekend and hope the elbow is more relaxed soon esp for your crochet w.e. Did I mention I want to come too?!

  5. Your blanket is looking lovely 🙂 I have had neck pain and wasn’t sure if it was the crochet or stress. Had week off work -holiday- and didn’t do much with the hook, my neck is OK now so still don’t know which caused the problem. I think you can get RSI from over doing things not necessarily related to PCs.
    I have bought a pattern to try when finished my latest blanket, if it works out I will definitely take a piccie of it 🙂

    I enjoy your piccies

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