The coast is clear…

…Grandma Patch got her parcel yesterday so now I can show you my recent efforts. She was very pleased and left a very excited message on my phone which entertained me a lot and I haven’t deleted so I can play it to Mr Patch!!! So here we go … card first…

I got out one of the books I got for christmas and whipped up some crochet flowers for her. The top one is an Irish Crochet Rose – had to have a couple of goes at this as I got the layers the wrong way round on the first attempt. The middle one is a Pansy obviously and the bottom one is a Six-Petal Daisy (which is a bit wonky!). I added the buttons which really seem to finish them off nicely. I also sewed safety pins to the back of the flowers, so she can take them off the card and use them elsewhere.

Onto the main event now. After considering other uses for my little houses and being spurred on by Rachell (thank you Rachell ;)) I used one of the bags from my pink parcel and made Grandma Patch her very own little house shopper. Here it is.

Its a strong canvas bag with short handles (I figured she would use that most). Due to a lack of labels I embroidered “patch” at the bottom instead. She was so pleased and was off to meet my Aunty for a meal last night and texted to ask if she could tell her about the blog (and maybe took the bag with her too???).

Right, I’m off to entertain Little J, who is pretty much recovered now (I can tell by the pestering I’m getting!) but not allowed back to play school until tomorrow (*sighs*). Keep watching this week for a hooky blanket update which is coming soon (its growing, SO EXCITED!!!!).

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.


16 thoughts on “The coast is clear…

  1. I love those flowers! I never thought to make flower pins… you may have inspired another project for me 🙂 The bag it absolutely gorgeous too. it’s no wonder your mum was excited about it.

  2. I love the flowers, the rose especially. What a lovely gift, so much more special than shop-bought.

    And the bag!!!! WELL what a clever Patch! Embroidery down through a bag and the making it the right way up must be quite a skill.
    You’re getting a link on my side-bar now! ;-P

  3. I like the rose best too. Never tried that one before.
    @Victoria – very glad to have inspired you – some crocheted flower pins are what got me started on crochet 🙂
    @Rachell Lol! I did have a dream (nightmare?) about sewing it on the bag upside down. Thank you for the link 🙂 – still must update mine – lots to add!

  4. The card is very pretty indeed, but OH that bag!!! 🙂 I really really wAnt one! Are you going to sell any of them? (on knees praying, pretty please, pretty please, pretty please) 😉 haha
    I don’t have a blog, but I have ‘Pinned’ this 😉
    Mo 🙂

  5. @Mo – thankyou so much 😀
    I am considering selling some when I get a few made. I just need to get a bit organised so watch this space. Now where are you on Pinterest?? I’m off to look 😉

  6. I am such a lucky Grandma and I will treasure them. The bag looks so much better in real life than hung on your door handle too good to use for shopping xx

  7. I was just wondering today who did the little fabric houses and now I remember it was you! Great flowers and fantastic house bag – I love it. 🙂

  8. Aha Erin! There you are – was wondering where you had gone and getting worried. Hope you are Ok and had just been very busy (especially with crochet and other lovely things).

    Thankyou all for the lovely comments – it really encourages me to continue with my craftiness 😀

  9. PS TY for the links to my blog, that’s really kind.

    I was worried about Erin too, I’d emailed her to ask if she was ok last week; so already we crochet blog newbies have a supportive little community going here, that’s got to a be a lovely thing. 🙂

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