A Day of Great Excitement…

Well thats been today – phew!!!

Firstly lots of lovely and positive messages about Grandma Patch’s present from all of you. Having read inspirational blogs I hoped to inspire others with mine and it appears that that is happening but what I didn’t anticipate was the encouragement I would get from all of you, writing nice things about my posts. Thank you all so much, I am really very grateful and inspired to continue 😀

Secondly, look what arrived this morning…

Yep, another pink parcel. Little J was as excited as me to open it. This one was from the lovely Penny and was my beautiful bag full of rainbow coloured cotton…

Little J has a Winnie the Pooh bear who doesn’t have a jumper and immediately spotted the red and wanted me to make a jumper for him!

I, however, have other plans and bought a couple of patterns on Etsy today. First time I have done that and I wondered if it would work but, there they were, a short time later sitting in my inbox. 🙂 More on them later when I have had a go with them. My hands are itching to get started, but having Little J around all day doesn’t really allow for that.

Finally two more Thank You’s. Firstly to Rachell for including me in her blog list (I REALLY need to update mine). And also to twinkletoes2day for “pinning” me here.

Like I said… Phew!

Right am wasting no more time and am off to get something to eat and then on to that lovely cotton. Enjoy your evening everyone.


8 thoughts on “A Day of Great Excitement…

  1. Found you through oh sew tempting’s mention of your cute blog. Nice pictures. Love the bag and the blanket. Nice work.

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