Helicopters and broomsticks.

Happy Mothers Day to you all!

Well I was woken up this morning by a loud whisper “Dad, Dad, I’m going to get Mummy’s card and chocolate out, OK?”. Queue much smiling from me still under the duvet, pretending to be asleep. 😀 Surprisingly they didn’t come straight back to wake me up, they left me for a “lie in”. When they did come back I was proudly presented with a handmade card from Little J and a hand decorated, heart shaped box from Big J with two chocolates in. We had a problem there. Two chocs and three of us, so I was all for letting them eat them, then Little J didn’t want his so Big J ate both!! I am SUCH a lucky Mummy!!!

Here is my card and box. So lucky!

I do have some other things to show you but I’m afraid I can’t show you them today. Many apologies. You see they are Grandma Patch’s Mothers Day presents (have said too much already!) and she won’t have got them yet and knowing she reads this blog, it would spoil the surprise if I showed you. So you will have to wait till early in the week to see them. She might have got them sooner if our tiny village post office hadn’t been shut on Friday!! However she knows they are on their way to her so I am off the hook – phew!!! Instead shall I show you Big J’s Harry Potter costume? – for a birthday party yesterday.

Think he’s quite pleased with it. At the party they made their own broomsticks so they could play Quidditch. Here is his amazing broom.

Think we might have to go pruning some bushes so we can make one for Little J too.

Excitement earlier in the week when the RAF came to visit school… in a helicopter.

Apparently Little J got to sit in it too. Think he was very pleased with himself.

Things have gone a little downhill this afternoon as Little J appears to be not feeling so good. He had a nap for a while on the sofa but was very whingey when he woke up. Chose to watch cartoons on the iPad and then vomited all over it!! Poor Little J. Thankfully the iPad continued to merrily play cartoons despite its fate (phew!!). Not sure what kind of night we will have but there will be no playschool for a couple of days (have to be off for 48 hours after vomiting!!). They both had friends coming to play tomorrow so have had to cancel that too. Fingers crossed he sleeps his way through it tonight and feels a whole lot better tomorrow.

I hope you all enjoy what is left of Mother’s Day and that you have a fantastic week.

Speak soon.


4 thoughts on “Helicopters and broomsticks.

  1. Poor ipad!
    Hope he’s better soon….
    TY for your lovely and funny comments on my blog this weekend. I wanted to send you an email but don’t have your address as I don’t think you’re one of my email followers….


  2. You are very welcome. Hope you are feeling better? Email addresses appear on the Comments page on the Dashboard next to the person who commented, just something wot I noticed!

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