Homemade Jaffa Cakes

Hello all – hope this sunny Wednesday finds you well and happy. I promised I would let you know about these and here I am. Both boys helped with different parts of the recipe, it was a bit of a three stage thing,  and they enjoyed the lickers very much as usual. The original recipe can be found here.

Before I start I did wonder about the sponge bit of the recipe. It was a bit of a fatless swiss roll type sponge which I am not used to making (think I did it once in Home Ec lessons at school many years ago). I wasn’t sure how well it would come out but decided to stick to the recipe for once in my life (I nearly always make my own adaptations and adjustments and rarely do it the same way twice!!). Anyway, more on this later.

Little J and I made the orangey jelly bit in the morning to allow it to set. He enjoyed snipping the jelly into bits and doing lots of stirring.

We poured it into the dish to set and discovered we had a few orange peel bits floating in it. I guess it would have been better to use smooth marmalade but we didn’t have any of that. Hey ho – extra texture then!!!

Once Little J had gone to preschool I cracked on with the spongey bit. Lots of whisking =  achey arm!!! The recipe doesn’t call for paper cake cases but I knew if I put it straight into the tin I would never be able to get them out whole (my mince pies got rather mangled at christmas!!) so I stuck with the trusty cases.

There they are ready for The Beast. Recipe said 8-10 minutes or until lightly golden so I kept a close eye on them bearing in mind The Beast’s fierce heat. They had 8 minutes in the end. And came out looking like this.A little pale but definitely cooked… and possible overcooked. Seemed quite firm and not at all spongey and springy – ooops! Left them to cool for the final stage when Big J got home from school.

Next stage was to cut out circles from the jelly to go on top of the cakes but I didn’t have a circular biscuit cutter the right size so we chose the three leaf clover type shape (fitting as its Paddy’s Day coming up!!). This was a bit tricky. In the end I developed a technique were I cut the shape, then slipped a knife under it and lifted it out before I removed the cutter.Big J got stuck in with the messy bit – covering them in chocolate. The recipe says 200g but we only needed 150g. Here they are looking al shiny – NOM!!!The finished item – chunkier than a bought jaffa cake. They got a big thumbs up from Big J and Mr Patch but Little J gave them the thumbs down on account of the dark chocolate. Big J also asked if we could use milk chocolate next time. My improvements would be to use a normal sponge recipe for the base – it was edible but ordinary sponge would have come out better and I think I might make it in a tray next time instead of individual cakes. Then all the jelly would be used and it would be less fiddly – no shape cutting – just cut them into squares/fingers afterwards. Little J is thinking of variations with different types of jelly and topping!!!

Give it a go and enjoy!!!


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