A Pink Parcel!

I was just sitting with my coffee this morning, thinking about my houses, knowing I was running out of backing fabric and feeling a bit sad that I wouldn’t be able to get very housey this afternoon. I was wondering what to get for new backing fabric and where to get it and having a surf of the net to find some when the postman visited.

Look what I got.

Now its not what you think it is!!! It’s not a lovely bag full of rainbow cotton from Planet Penny (although there is one of those on the way too!).

It’s these….

I know its cheating a bit. I could so easily have made them myself but not for the same price. It would have cost more both financially and time wise, so these are a better option. I got a range of shapes sizes and fabrics to see which I preferred. Its all nice unbleached cotton/canvas and they are made right here in the UK too. I found them at thecleverbaggers. They will print on them for you too.

So now I’m quite excited and thinking housey pictures in my head. Better zoom around and get the housework done then.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.


7 thoughts on “A Pink Parcel!

  1. These are just great and you’re quite right to think of the practicality of making bags when buying them ready made is cheaper for you 🙂
    Big thumbs up on sourcing them in the UK too 😀 I’m looking forward to seeing the end result and have my wallet at the ready 😉
    Have a very creative day 😉

  2. Yep – they are from thecleverbaggers.co.uk I didn’t search around too much for the best price, they came up and seemed to do what I was looking for for a decent price. Lots of colours/styles etc. too. I’ll add the link into the post.

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