A hooky blanket update as promised.

Hello blogland peeps, how are you all??
Well I promised I would keep you informed about my blanket progress as I went along and here it is so far.There is a bit more than that now as I took these photos yesterday in the lovely sunshine, and then did a pile of little two round squares and a couple of six round squares last night. I’ve had a bit of a week of doing squares because I have been joining them together instead.

Would you like to see them joined??

Here you go then…

What do you think??? Its starting to look more blanket like now. These are the dimensions suggested by the tutorial. I don’t know if it will stay that way – we’ll see how the yarn goes. I always struggle with calling it yarn – to me its wool. Anything used for knitting or crochet is wool. But technically its not wool as it is acrylic so yarn is the better term. I am trying to train myself in the correct terms.

Heres another picture with the joined strip next to all the other squares that have been done so far.

All those long ends are left on for joining. Almost enough for another strip there. All rainbowy and patchworky, I really like it.

In other news…. I have completed house number two. A little bit of inspiration was taken from our house for this one (and lots of other houses in the area). It has a row of windows at the top like a weavers cottage. They have these distinctive windows at the top as that is were the looms would be and they would need as much light as possible. Ours has had some of the windows filled in, which was commonly done after the introduction of the window tax so that they didn’t have to pay so much.

Would you like to see house number two??

Hmmm – methinks I should have ironed it before the photo!!! As usual I was too excited!! This one has a tree added and a little grass at the bottom. I’ve added grass to house number one as well, to get away from that floating in space feeling. Here are the two together.

Just noticed those fingers. Little J was “helping” with photos! Guess I need to go frame hunting. Maybe thats a job for tomorrow.

Also in other news… Bit random this one but look what I found the other day. NOM!!! I think these might HAVE to be made. Will let you know about that too.

Right hooky squares are calling to me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.


19 thoughts on “A hooky blanket update as promised.

  1. Those houses are so very cute 😀
    Your blanket is coming along nicely 🙂 I love seeing the progress people make with their projects. Like joining in a little with the journey 😉
    Have a super Sunday 🙂

  2. Love the houses and the blanket – I’m a recent convert to making things with ‘yarn’ (thanks for clearing up why I’m not supposed to just call it wool 😉 ) so love seeing how others’ crafting is coming along too.

  3. I also never use the word yarn. It sounds too American to my British/South African ear. And it also makes me think of “yard” for “garden”, which is absurd. Sorry, American people.
    Applique has never grabbed my attention until I saw your houses. I think you may have inspired a cushion cover… 🙂

  4. Glad you like the choices on Sunday best, we do obviously both have superb taste!! I am really loving how your blanket is developing and those photos are great. Enjoy what is left of Sunday : )

  5. I am totally crushed out on your hooky blanket! Those teeny squares make me want to squeeze them and make cooing-cooing-at-baby noises.

    And I love the houses. Something about them reminds me of the illustrations for The Giant Jam Sandwhich by John Vernon Lord, which has always been one of my favorites!

  6. Well, I started reading your post and thought Wow I love that blanket! It reminds me of the sixties…..such funky colours. Then, your houses….I LOVE THEM too:-) I agree with thefatsquirrel. If there isn’t already a children’s book out there with these houses as illustrations, there definitely should be. Fancy writing a book?

  7. How cool is your blanket! I would have never thought about putting all different sized squares together. Thanks for the idea. In Australia we’ll be coming into our winter very soon & I’ve just been inspired. Thank you : )

  8. I love your blanket and the houses. The colours and fabrics you have chosen look so well together and the finished/almost finished products are so inspiring.

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