This weeks makes.

Hello everyone, hope this wonderful Wednesday finds you well and happy??

We have been busy this week and its only Wednesday.

There has been lots of this…

…which is normal. I love how Holly Shiftwell (the car for those without small boys), and my mug (a present from Mr Patch’s folks at Christmas – little did they know, but I already have nail polish to match the mug!!) match the yarn so well. I have started joining my squares together to make my first strip of blanket but I will post more on this later in the week.

There has been a bit of this…

Little J had his baking head on again so we made Blueberry Muffins. He then had to decorate his with pirate things from the set that Mr Patch’s cousin brought for them (thanks H). Here’s the result…

I have also been playing with this…

And this…

And some of these…

Actually I had much excitement on Monday after returning from a playdate with Little J to find a parcel on my doorstep. It was a parcel of beautiful buttons, some of which you can see above. My button collection had been sadly lacking so I ordered some from this lovely lady. Very pleased, now I have lots of lovely buttons for whenever I need them.

So are you wondering what I have been up to??

The sewing machine has been out too.

Inspiration came from janeygingerboy. Any idea yet??

Ok, I’ll stop the teasing. This is what I made…

Do you like it??

I am quite pleased with it.

Although I am wondering if I need to put some indication of the ground on there. Does it look like its hovering in space?? Hmmm, maybe.

The other problem I’m considering is what to do with it now. I could go down the cushion cover route. Might make a cute cushion??? Or perhaps I’ll put it in a frame?? Mr Patch liked this idea. Still mulling it over. What do you think?? Any ideas??

Off to make Little J’s lunch before Preschool.

Speak soon, take care.


8 thoughts on “This weeks makes.

  1. I think you should make two more then frame them to make a collection of pictures they would make lovely gifts. I am very impressed with your efforts.

    Grandma Patch

  2. This is very sweet. I do like the framed picture idea 😉
    Thank you for the button link 😀 I lOve buttons – can’t have too many buttons 😀

  3. Wow you have had a busy week so far! Same here though, it’s absolutely flown by!! I love the little house and agree with everyone else, it would look so lovely in a frame. I am glad to have inspired you but you have the talent to use the inspiration so beautifully.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Jane xx

  4. I thought it was a lighthouse but then I like lighthouses so maybe just my view. I don’t know how you manage to do so much Mrs Patch, you never stop. I have been working on my blanket but need more wool in the colours I’m using.
    I’m like the pirate blueberry muffins, have they all gone?
    Keep up the good work.
    Cousin H

    • Thank you all for your lovely comments

      @ H – Mr Patch and Big J both thought it was a lighthouse too. The last muffin was eaten today… Better get baking again!

  5. You are so clever…I wish I had the space to do this sort of thing (no room for a sewing machine). I like the idea of framing it and making a collection. I also have a thing for buttons (tiny buttons). I also bought some this week, I have an idea developing. I cant wait to see how your blanket is coming on.

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