A visit to the YSP.

Hello everyone. How are you all? Well, I hope?? Full of energy for a new week after a restful weekend??

I have had a lovely weekend. A bit busy though, so I am a little worn out before the week starts! Some dear friends decided to make a flying visit to us on Friday night. They also have two boys about the same age as our two so its always totally boisterous and chaotic. They love to see each other and always have a great time together. On Friday evening we fed and watered them all and eventually got them to bed and settled – having friends sleeping over is far too exciting. Then we could relax and catch up too.

On Saturday morning the weather was not looking very promising – grey, windy, showery. There was talk of going to an indoor soft play place  (child heaven but adult hell!) but we managed to persuade everyone to risk the weather and go to the YSP – Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

I am SO glad we did because the sun came out for almost the whole time we were there. I took some great photos of some of the sculptures but unfortunately I am not allowed to publish them on here 😦 So you will have to make do with pictures of the boys, the view and some flowers. As the name suggests its parkland with lots of sculptures dotted around. Many of them are by very well known sculptors like Henry Moore, Andy Goldsworthy and Barbara Hepworth. Some are on long term display and others are just temporarily visiting. Some of the long term ones had been moved around since we were last there and it was fantastic to find them again but in a different space – like meeting long lost friends!! If you want to see some of the sculptures you will have to follow the link though because I don’t want to get into trouble.

The boys just loved being outside for a while. Having a big open space to run in, sticks to play with, mud to splodge in. They had a ball.

There were dens and hidey holes to discover.Stones to be thrown.And sometimes just a good chat with a best buddy.

The Camellia House was in full bloom and a bit of a colourful oasis in the green and brown winter countryside.

I don’t know the names of these flowers but the last one really should be called Raspberry Ripple. It looks as though it should taste of raspberry and vanilla if you licked it! I quite often think colours should have flavours… I know… I’m a bit odd!!! Raspberry Ripple sounds an awful lot like a crocheted blanket too! Now theres inspiration for you. It’s unlikely I will be making it though as it would involve far too much pink, unless it was as a present for someone.

Right, it appears that I am waffling on now so I will be off, back to my granny squares. Hope your week goes well.


6 thoughts on “A visit to the YSP.

  1. Oh I love Yorkshire Sculpture Park it’s fab!! Sounds and looks like everyone had a great day. My week has started off great, hope you feel a little less worn out as the week goes on. You waffle all you want, I love a bit of waffle!!! : ) Enjoy the rest of your week x

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