A Brand New Day

shadows on the grass in the morning sun

Wow, what a difference! Maybe I will have to blog about needing sunshine more often!!! Thank you for your messages yesterday, they cheered me up. And so does this sunshine.

This is the first load of washing I have hung outside this year. Nothing beats a line full clean of washing drying in the sun.

Even the cat is enjoying it.

Little J had his baking head on today so we had to make cake. We tend to always have cake/biscuit of some sort in a tin. It gets used for packed lunches and speedy desserts and quick snacks. Quite often its fairy cakes or muffins and sometimes we get adventurous. The Beast is excellent for making tray bakes because you can use the roasting tins that fit onto the shelf runners inside the oven. Normally we only use the half sized one but if Mr Patch makes cake to take to work he will use the large size. So today we took the tray bake route, quick, easy and tasty. We made Cinnamon Nutella Cake, the original recipe is here. This SO simple – go on, have a go.

Put 175g butter/margerine, 175g sugar, 3 eggs, 200g self raising flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon, 4 tablespoons milk into a bowl.

Beat until light and fluffy and spread up to 3/4 of the mixture into the tin and level. Add small blobs of nutella. I tend to use teaspoon sized blobs which works out at more than the recipe states (4 rounded tablespoons) and space them at even intervals so that each slice of cake gets a blob of nutella. The recipe also suggests swirling it with a skewer but in my experience nutella doesn’t swirl very well so I don’t bother.

In the picture above you can see the blobs of nutella and I have started covering them with the remaining mixture. The nutella can burn so it is important to cover the blobs as much as possible.

Sprinkle the top with 50g roughly chopped hazelnuts. We didn’t have any in the cupboard today so we used pistachios instead.

Next into The Beasts roasting oven with the cold plain shelf above. Because I cannot adjust the temperature of The Beast, the cold plain shelf just shields the cake from the intense heat from the top of the oven and prevents it burning. Now the recipe states that it should be baked for an hour to an hour and a half – well perhaps in an conventional oven at a lower temperature but in The Beast it only takes 20-30 minutes and I turn it round halfway though (its hotter on the left and, no, it doesn’t sink!!).While you are waiting enjoy the “lickers”. Little J’s favourite bit. Put the kettle on too because very soon you will have




Ok, the nutella tends to sink a bit but who cares! NOM!!! Its good with cream or custard or ice cream for pudding too.

Go on – make it. And enjoy!!!

Right off to do some gardening in the sunshine now.


6 thoughts on “A Brand New Day

  1. Scrumdiddlyumptious I say!! Thanks for the recipe too 😀
    I do love to see, and have, washing on a washing line. Particularly, I have to say, a conventional straight line 😀 Call me old-fashioned, but a whirly-gig just doesn’t do it for me 😉
    Hope it all dried nicely and smelled just as line washing does – lush!
    Wishing you more of the bright stuff, (I shan’t say the ‘S’ word in case I jinx it) 😉
    Mo x

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