No energy for leaping.

Hello my lovelies. Hope you are all well and making the most of this extra day.

Things are a bit like this here.

A bit grey. We are feeling a bit like that too. Little J has been poorly but seems to be bouncing back now.  I had a hospital appointment on Monday for an “-oscopy”, you know,  a camera thing. So I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself as well as a bit prodded and poked. The good news is all seems well. On top of that I have been feeling totally worn out. No energy at all. Back to wanting to hibernate again. I even took a day off from the blanket – thats how tired I was feeling. Think I need a bit of sunshine to break through that haze thats hanging over the valley. Sure it would do me the world of good.

There have been some cheering moments in the week so far though. Here’s one.

Grandma and Grandad Patch come to stay for a couple of nights so they could collect the boys from school while I was at the hospital. Grandma didn’t want to leave these flowers at home while she was away so she brought them with her. So springy and jolly. Smell gorgeous too because there is a hyacinth in there. Shame the tulips have got droopy now. It was a good job Grandma Patch was here because Little J was at his most poorly on Monday and didn’t go too preschool. He just fell asleep on the sofa. I couldn’t have had someone else look after him really.

Another cheering moment was on Sunday when Janey at kooksgingerboy posted this. Thanks Janey. I think I may have to do a little shopping now. It got me thinking too. Can I crochet little houses?? I had a quick search around the web and found one or two but nothing that satisfied my little house fetish. I might have to have a go. Or I might have to get the sewing machine out and have a bit of a play with some fabric. I will try to make some notes/sketches so that I don’t forget.

Here’s another cheery thing.

I have now completed each size of square for my blanket and I think I almost have enough to make one strip so I might sew some together soon. Watch this space. I calculated yesterday that I need a total of 144 squares (of different sizes) to complete the blanket as suggested by the tutorial. The majority are of the 4 round size. Well we shall see. I might adapt it later if I want to make it larger and have yarn left. The large 10 round square in the picture is the one that Mr Patch chose the colours for. I think he was deliberately going for contrast! That pale green and deep red certainly jump out at you!! I really don’t think it matters too much as once its all joined together and surrounded by other colours you see the thing as a whole and don’t notice individual squares so much. Well… I hope!!!

Right better go make Little J’s lunch before preschool.

Speak soon, take care.


4 thoughts on “No energy for leaping.

  1. Sorry your family has been sick, I hope you all feel better soon. Beautiful flowers, and beautiful squares! I personally really like the colors your husband chose! Like you said, the colors all work together so well, it doesn’t really matter the combination, in my opinion.

  2. Sorry to read that you aren’t feeling at your best. Take comfort in the fact that your squares are amazing though! Such great colours – its going to be an amazing achievement when they are all put together!

  3. Oh so sorry you have had to have a hospital visit, not nice at all especially the camera, but glad all seems well! I must admit I am feeling really tired right now and I think you are right we all need prolonged sunshine!! Hope you pick up soon : )

    Your squares are lovely and are going to be amazing when they are all sewn together, can’t wait to see your finished creation.

    I am so glad that I added to your Sunday cheer and sorry if I am further fueling your little house fetish! Ha ha ; )

    Take care and I hope your little one is fully recovered too.

    Jane xx

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