Hooky Progress Report.

Apologies Bloglets, this week has flown past and I haven’t had a chance to get on here. But here I am now. Quick post then I’ll check on what you have all been up to. Can’t wait! From the quick peeps at emails that I have had it looks exciting!!!

Tuesday was of course the Day Of Great Excitement, well yarn excitement anyway and then pancake excitement of small boys. The Beast did a fantastic job, no frying pan or skillet required, pancakes cooked straight on the hot plate, a bit like crepes in France. A few quick pics for you.

Side one.

Side two.

The Beast doing his thing

The end product.

Really the end product should be a photo of two very full, fat little tummies!!

Since then I have been cracking on with the first squares for the blanket and I think they are looking pretty good. I had a few initial teething problems with the instructions for the basic square. I didn’t like how they were coming out. So I found a few more instructions and a video tutorial on the interweb and altered how I did them very slightly until I was happier with it. Its still the same basic square, just a slightly different way of doing it.

Quick peek at progress so far???

Ok here goes…

Not bad for four evenings work. The pattern is made up of a mix of 2/4/6/8 and 10 round squares. So far I have done a selection of 2, 4 and 6 round squares. The red and green one with the hook through is going to be the first 8 round square when I’ve finished it. I’m putting the colours together however I feel really. I’ve been starting with a bag full of balls of yarn, using each colour and leaving it out of the bag until the bag is empty then starting again. Hopefully its going to end up nice and random. It doesn’t really matter too much colourwise until I have to start sewing the squares together. Then I will make sure there is a nice even distribution of stronger colours.

Want to see them spread out next to each other??

Its strange, there are quite a few colours in there that I would not choose on their own but when they are all together in little burst they look absolutely fine. No better than that… bright, jolly, cheerful and rainbow-like. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

The tutorial suggests that you join the squares together into strips then into a whole blanket, so when I have a good selection of all the sizes of squares I will join some together to make my first strip.

I even got to show them to someone who would appreciate them too this week. Mr Patch’s cousin came for a visit. She has recently taught herself crochet too (the world is taking up crochet I tell you!!) so we had a lovely hooky chat about it all.

Well the peace has been shattered by small boys returning from football in the garden with Mr Patch so I will away before chaos ensues.

Happy hooking y’all.


14 thoughts on “Hooky Progress Report.

  1. Those colours/squares are lovely lovely lovely 😀 The blanket will be a colourful delight I’m sure! 😀 😀

  2. Oh YES! I really like this!

    Your colours are good together and they *are* a similar mix to mine – like you said.
    Very good.
    I love the differing sizes, they really add interest.

    I look forward to seeing how you join them.

  3. Oh I love your blanket so far the colours and the squares the very small ones are very similar if not the same as the ones used for my baby blanket, they are more solid than a standard granny square, I enjoyed making them they flowed really well off the hook. I cant wait to see the end result. I also find the stylecraft wool so easy to work with, Lucy mentioned on her blog that it was a little squeaky, I havent found this as yet.

  4. Top class pancakes, mine were ok but not as good looking as yours! That blanket is going to be amazing, would love to learn to crochet, will put in on my list. Have a great Sunday. J x

  5. Oooh, all the colors and different size squares are going to make an awesome blanket! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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