It’s here!!!!

Well how quick was that? I placed my order at the weekend, it was processed yesterday and arrived at breakfast time this morning.

Want to see???

Like I said it arrived in the middle of breakfast and I had strict instructions from Mr Patch that I couldn’t open it till we had finished. As soon as we had done eating it had to be done and consequently the table was still full of dishes. The only space for it was on the new shelves (and probably only there because we haven’t had them long enough for them to get full and totally cluttered!).

I pulled the balls from the bag one at a time. The first ones were blue, green, red shades and got a shout of “yes” from the boys. Then came a pink one and that got a “yuk” from them!!

I have been making myself get on with my housework this morning in between having to play play dough with Little J and trying to resist the rainbow of wool on the shelf. I didn’t totally mange it. Had to have a little play.

I reckon if I get on with lots of jobs this morning then once Little J is at preschool this afternoon I can get out my hook and have a little play. The afternoon always passes so quickly anyway I won’t get much done but I just can’t wait to start. Today is Pancake Day so once they are home from school there won’t be any time because it will be pancakes, pancakes and more pancakes!! This morning I have cleaned The Beast, tidied the computer desk, cleaned the bathrooms, filled and run the dishwasher, done the laundry and folded the clothes. I’m off to make Little J’s lunch before preschool next.

Do you think I’m allowed to play this afternoon now??


8 thoughts on “It’s here!!!!

    • Hi there 😀 I just found and read that post and I want one too!!! Haha. That was a great link for me as I was always unsure what a Babette blanket was or how to go about making one, but now I know – yAy me!! 😉
      Looking forward to seeing your progress 😀

      ps – I agree with what you wrote about stores having colour packs more readily available – even swatch strips along the same lines as that Project Sheet from the Gingerbread Lady.
      Best wishes 😀

  1. Oh I am so Jealous right now! I am reciting my mantra… No more new stuff till the UFO’s are done… but oh! to have some of that pretty yarn. I can’t wait to see the future posts! and YES! by all means you deserve some time to work on it after all that work this morning.

  2. Oh I love the shot of them all lined up on the floor! It’s funny that you mention there should be more color packs of yarn….I love the Babette Blanket, but the thought of putting all those colors tother freaks me out a bit.

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