Where I get my making genes?

While I have been visiting Grandma Patch has been showing me her latest quilt creation. She has made five quilts in total now. Its all my fault really because I bought her the first jelly roll one Christmas and she has made more quilts and has more experience than me now. She has made two for herself, one for my brother and now one for my sister and a baby quilt for a cousin. I have strict instructions to watch out for some fabric or a jelly roll I love so she can make one for me next winter. She only does it in the winter when the weather is bad.

Would you like to see her quilts??

You would?

Oh OK here we go then. Apologies in advance for the photos. Especially the one of my brothers quilt its the only picture we had as its at his house.

This is the first one. Made for herself using a pattern from this book. Its lovely isn’t it and FANTASTIC for a first attempt. Go Grandma!

This is the second. I know she doesn’t like this one so much. It’s a bit too technicolour dreamcoat. Just a matter of taste though, nothing “wrong” with it. She was very experimental with it though so it was a great learning curve. You can find the pattern here.

This is the third which was made for my brother. She was unsure of the colours in the jelly roll when she got it but was pleased with it when it was finished. She didn’t want it to look too girly for him. It looks great on his bed. The pattern is from this book.

This is the most recent full sized one for my sister. Same pattern as the one for my brother but different colours. Again she was unsure about the colours in the jelly roll but it has come out great. We both said while looking at it yesterday that art quilts are beautiful but we prefer traditional quilts more. She experimented with free motion quiting on this one. Came out great too.

The last is a baby quilt for a cousin who is having a little girl. I’m sure they will love it but it’s a good job I don’t have girls. I don’t do pink.

She really is a clever, quilty lady. She used to make clothes for me and my sister when we were small. She’s done lots of cross stitch and she knits too. In fact Little J is running around in a jumper she knitted today. She can crochet and probably taught me that too at one point. I remember Iused to love it when I was small and the sewing machine was out. Definitely inspired me to get mine.

Most likely is where I get those making genes.

8 thoughts on “Where I get my making genes?

  1. They are all absolutely beautiful! Well done Grandma P 🙂 The second one is the same as my latest post “Finished” with the blocks turned around (I think). I used the “tube method” from Youtube. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your holiday by the sea 🙂 Avis x

    • Lol! It’s a roll of ready cut fabric strips for patchwork. Different places call it different names, some times it’s a strip roll. You also get palettes, layer cakes, charm squares… all different sizes of precut fabric squares. It saves you choosing fabrics that go together if you are not so good at that.

  2. Thank you all for your kind words. She has been reading the blog and is secretly very pleased. She’s also quite impressed at how good her quilts look in the photos 🙂

  3. I love that the crafting tradition can go both down and up through the generations. I come from a long line of seamstresses, but am a self-tought knitter. Last year I tought my mom to knit and it was an amazing full circle kind of experience.

    And grandma Patch, I am QUITE impressed with these projects!

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