Holidays Update

Hello my interweb friends. Hope all is well with you.

The Family Patch are currently off on their hols to visit Grandma Patch as predicted last blog. Unfortunately the weather is not being kind to us. Today we made the most of the morning by zipping off to the beach before it got too wet and murky to want to go out. The beach is a total MUST when visiting Grandma Patch. It HAS to be done and often is done despite the weather. We don’t care. We love it when its cold. We love it when its sunny. We love it when its rainy. We love it when its windy (sometimes this is THE best). We love it when the tide is in. We love it when the tide is out. Whatever the conditions, it has to be done at least once when visiting and usually more than that.

The Beach

Big J and Little J are always so joyful when they are there. Big J likes to explore the rock pools looking for crabs, star fish, whatever he can find.

Little J likes to dig, make castles, write in the sand. They are just so busy while they are there. There are swings, a slide, and a climbing frame which they both love and a beach shop and cafe which sells THE best ice cream. Too cold for that today though.

Today it was quite calm and beach was quiet. I had to do my usual and get my feet wet by paddling.

This afternoon the rain and murk arrived so it was time to stay inside and potter at Grandma’s. A triceratops was built (from a kit), a few games of snap and Connect 4 were played, an old movie was watched and Little J had a long play in the bath. A nice snuggly afternoon. I don’t care about the weather though. Now  I can go home a happy girl because I have been to the beach.

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