And todays news is…

Hello blogland lovelies. How are you doing? Hope you have all had a relaxing weekend.

Hurrah its holidays!!! Half term this week so the boys are off and Mr Patch has the week off too. Which means a bit of quality family time, some pottering around the house, some days out and possibly a visit to Grandma Patch (Little J has already packed his bag and we haven’t even asked her if we can visit!!)

In crochet – granny squares for the scarf are ongoing, almost there, need about two more I think but I may have to have a night off to crochet some valentines hearts instead.

House news – we have a new ebay acquisition. Here it is.

Mr Patch got a bit excited and managed to buy some shelves. Really we need them for the living room for all the books that have been in boxes for the past year but when we tried them in there they didn’t look right. The gap between the top and the ceiling and the nearby beam made the ceiling look lower. They fit pretty good in this little gap though. It used to be a door way before the extension was built. We are really short of cupboard space in the kitchen so I think we could use them a bit like a dresser. They are good and solid but the finish isn’t as good as it could be so I think they will look really nice painted – a bit shabby chic maybe. Well eventually, one day.

Now for some garden news – Today it was much milder than it has been. All the snow in the garden has gone. Mr Patch had some wood chopping to do with smaller helpers. Max had given us a load of offcuts and a no longer needed door from her recent DIY exploits for our fire.

Little J's tools came out too but both boys had got bored by this point and wandered off.

Its always easier to get it going if you have a bit of kindling. Thanks Max. So I thought I might attack the creeper thing that grows up the fence. Give it a haircut while I could see what I was doing before it gets leaves. We didn’t do a lot in the garden last year. Mostly just left it to grow to see what we had and consequently the creeper thing (technical terms eh?) was starting to take over. It had grown right across the raspberry canes and had even got into the acer.

I think it might be called Russian Vine but I’m not sure. Just Googled it and it is indeed Russian Vine (Fallopia baldschuanica), there’s a picture here. Also known as “mile-a-minute” and apparently is a relation of Japanese Knotweed (oh joy). So I was totally right to give it a thorough hair cut. I was also worrying that I would kill it (I’m good at that!!) but apparently it is almost unkillable (lucky it with me around). Hmmm, we have inherited some very interesting specimens in this garden. So I spent over two hours hacking at it. Managed to clear quite a lot of it out of the way. But there’s still a bit left to do for later in the week. Here have a look.

The raspberry canes are at the front of this picture. I cleared all the way along the trellis  behind. Will have to read up about what to do with the raspberry canes. Think I need to chop them back too but not sure.

The acer is in the right hand corner of this picture and there were a few tendrils reaching over the top of it (hah, not any more!). There is a bush behind the acer which is a bit covered in the Russian Vine but thats as far as I got today. I shall continue my quest to reclaim the garden from nature later in the week (losing battle maybe??). Here’s some of the stuff I cut off.

I would like to have a bit of a veggie patch at the back here…… maybe…… one day??? We have other nasties that grow here too though.  There are a few comfrey plants which grow huge and are impossible to get rid of so I will just have to keep harvesting the leaves for the compost heap and to make comfrey liquid. The garden has lots of potential but I’m not sure we are the people to bring it out. Don’t know very much about gardening and find it all a bit bewildering sometimes. Watch this space though.

Right off to crochet some valentines hearts. Speak soon Bloglets.


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