finished granny square hat

Shrunken, crochet pixie hat – a reprieve??

sledgingHello peeps. Hows your weekend been? Cold and snowy here. Much fun had this morning sledging on the school field and much snuggling and cosiness in front of the fire and a movie (with crochet of course) this afternoon.


Now down to business – the hat. I asked my Mum what she thought I should do about it. Bearing in mind that she hadn’t actually seen it and I asked her over the phone, she said unpick it and re-do it. She thought it would be better to do that and have something useful than not.

But my gut instinct was to carry on and finish it off. I didn’t think I could face undoing it and trying again.

I then showed my friend Max the hat and she thought it might not be so bad once it was finished with the tassels to weigh the pointy bit down. So that did it. I decided I was definitely going to finish it. (She also said it would only look as silly as the one I currently wear, which made me laugh because I had already thought that – glad my friends can be honest with me).

I think Max was right – it doesn’t look so bad now. But am I brave enough to wear it outside the house???

What do you think of it??

finished granny square hat

I have some wool left so I now making granny squares for a scarf to match. Will post pictures when it is all done.

2 thoughts on “Shrunken, crochet pixie hat – a reprieve??

  1. Hello fellow button loving Yorkshire woman and thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I am so glad you said hello and hope you will pop back sometime. Your hat may be a little crazy but it’s also fabulous, wear it and be proud!! That fire looks so cosy!!! Have a great week ahead. J x

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