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2011 Bathroom Make(over)

Don’t know if I told you, but we only moved into our house a year ago. It was a big move. Lots of changes. Good ones though. We moved a big distance and from a two bedroomed victorian terrace (which we loved) to our current residence – a 170 year old weavers cottage. Well they are called weavers cottages but ours is quite large and was possibly two separate properties at some point in the past. We potentially have upto 5 bedrooms now. The rooms are all good big rooms, no pokey, single rooms here which is one of the things that attracted us to the house. It was in a decent, liveable condition but would need some decorating and tlc.

Over the year we have had new windows fitted to the rear with secondary double glazing  (its a listed property so that means planning permission is required for changes to the exterior or structure, including double glazing but secondary glazing is allowed) and new central heating and boiler. After the winter we had last year, believe me it was all very necessary.

In the process of having the boiler and heating fitted we got a shower fitted to the upstairs bathroom which had previously only had a bath. This was also the room which needed the most work on the decor so as the shower was being done we decided to do the rest of the room too. I have some photos of before which I will include but they are very poor quality so apologies in advance.

bathroom before

Oh it was a vision in green.

On all four walls.

And north facing with only a small window. Something had to be done.

There was wallpaper on two walls which had to come off before the shower was done and underneath we discovered one wall was just wood planks and the other was covered in hardboard. No plaster.

shower wall beforeCan you see the wooden planks?? We decided tiling round the bath area would be a good idea as we were having the shower fitted, and with two small boys who like to splash.

The corner there is very wonky too (technical term!!) and I was concerned that the tiling would accentuate that but actually it doesn’t at all. It even hides it somewhat.

hardboard wall before

This is the other wall with the paper removed. Can you see the hardboard? We contemplated getting it all skimmed but decided we could just put lining paper up there.

So I decided it needed an injection of light and warmth into it but it would take a bit of work to get rid of all that green. I put up the lining paper – my first attempt at wallpapering, and did two rounds of base coat on the walls and ceiling.

We had some vinyl fitted for the floor and the fitter did a fantastic job of sealing it all the way round to prevent leaks, but unfortunately we had not yet painted the skirting. He had used silicone sealant which is impossible to paint over but we managed to get round it by using caulk over the top of it and then painting.

Already looking much lighter and brighter.

I had decided to keep the sink unit – fantastic storage space, but decided to paint it too –  matching it to the clean, light, bright look I was going for.

undercoated bathroom

For the final coat, with help from Big J, I chose a lemon yellow shade for all four walls and white for woodwork and ceiling. Then came the epic search for a shower rail which would fit. Right before christmas we got one that could be cut to size here and found a lovely shower curtain from John Lewis. All in working order for when Grandma and Grandad Patch visited. Its very nearly finished but we are still searching for a new light fitting, toilet seat, bath mat and possibly some wall art, to finish it off. Hmmmm might have to create the wall art myself!

yellow bathroom

Here is the new shower curtain.  shower with curtain

We have also acquired a new mirror and chair recently. Very lovely. I like the curves of the mirror with all the other straight lines in the bathroom. The chair is victorian and came from the lady at the local market who does the weaving on the seat


I think it is a far more pleasant room to be in. What do you think???

victorian chairNow I am wondering which room to do next. Theres plenty to do but where to start? Plus we might have to get through Jan/Feb before there is money to spend on it but, hey, that leaves lots of time for planning which is good fun anyway.

Watch this space for further updates.


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